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Lets see your sound system!


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Finally added something to my NAD 316BEE + Dali Zensor 5 setup. I figured that I will possibly never have the money or space, or neighbours, to experience the music in the way I'd like to, so I decided to go for some headphones.

Bought these:


AKG Q701 Quincy Jones





Those came at a bargain price, that's why I kept them. I'll probably use them for casual listening or for video games.


I read a lot of good things about STAX headphones and almost bought the SR-507 set. Would cost about 3000€, but I had to travel to Japan for work and could have bought them for little more than a third of the European price.

Before travelling to Japan I had the chance to listen to The Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD800, Hifiman HE-560, AKG 812 Pro, the STAX and the Audeze range of headphones.


After extensive listening and thinking about my budget, I went for the Audeze LCD-2, paired them with a Lehmann Audio Rhinelander.





Now I was really surprised that I went for the Audeze, which are sometimes referred to as "The Prince of Darkness", due to their sound character.

I always thought that I'd prefer a light, analytic, somewhat "clinical" sound, i.e. very good mids and especially highs over a warm sound. I listened to the STAX range and the Sennheiser HD800 and while I was blown away by the clarity of their sound, they somehow lacked the...I don't know how to say it...maybe joy? certainly they couldn't keep up in the bass range.


Especially EDM (Goa, Psytrance, Forest, Downtempo, Psychill) was so much more fun with the Audeze. Soundtracks and classical music was better on both the STAX and HD800, but I always wanted to come back to the Audeze for the sheer joy of it. Basses are superb, with high quality mids and highs. If they could just have a little bit more sparkle in the highs, I'd be super glad. I tried the LCD-X and they are phenomenal, but just more expensive than I am willing to pay right now. For now I am super happy and even my girlfriend, who was very skeptical, said that it's like rediscovering music you thought you'd knew.


She's not into Goa or Psy or Forest (likes psychill though) and she said, that it's a pity that probably a lot of people won't hear all the stuff that's going on in the tracks. I showed her some tracks by Goch, Dohm, Ajja, Astral Projection, E-Mantra, AuroraX, The Infinity Project, Koan, Psy-H Project, Crossing Mind and so on...she didn't even want to stop and was smiling while listening :)

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Starkraver, these look stunning and I highly recommend you take them, otherwise, I would :D

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Starkraver, these look stunning and I highly recommend you take them, otherwise, I would :D


Hey Draeke, I did :) thanks.


what a co-incidence, I just received couple of heavy crates! I'm gonna spend a good amount of time opening them carefully :)

Bad day turns good :)

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