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Atmospheric Progressive Trance recommendations


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Hello everyone,


I haven't visited for a while, but a renewed interest in all things Trance inspired me to return here and look for some more guidance, especially in the field of Progressive Trance. There are some incredibly deep, atmospheric tracks in the genre, but they seem to be fairly sparse. It's also possible that I've been looking in the wrong places so far. At any rate, I don't have the time and energy to filter through endless torrents of tracks on YouTube or elsewhere, so I thought that maybe some of you have deeper knowledge of Progressive Trance and could recommend me some more material. It's a great plus if I can buy it on CD, be it in the form of a solo album or a very good sampler, but I'm also happy about any isolated track that touches me. I don't mind psychedelic influences or occasional vocals, but what I do mind somewhat is if there's too much of a House influence (which seems to be the case with some Progressive Trance artists, especially those that sit on the fence and share some trademarks with "Psygressive" or whatever you want to call it). The most important thing is really for it to be as atmospheric as possible, and a melancholic or even dark touch is a plus, too.


Here are some examples of what I enjoy:


(This must be the most addictive Trance track I've discovered this year! I can't get enough of this sort of sound right now. The melodies are simply sublime.)






(with vocals, but absolutely gorgeous)





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That Metronome track is beautiful, thanks for turning me on to something new. My suggestion would be Elegy and E-Clip though the BPMs of those artists is a lot more constant than the tracks you have posted here. Still, they have that same style of beauty and hypnotism in their tracks.


Elegy - The Panopticon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTDTG_56HfY


E-Clip - Chandra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia5lhvITP0A



"The Panopticon" is from Elegy's "MindSoundTechnology" album. The whole is very much in the same style of this track.


"Chandra" is from E-Clip's album "Shuma". There is just a whole lot of gorgeous morning psy wonderfulness in there.

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Thanks a lot for those recommendations - the two tracks sound promising, I'll try to hunt down the full releases asap! :) A funny coincidence: checking their discography on Discogs, I noticed that Elegy have remixed a Via Axis track on their "Imaginarium" album - a band I had discovered just recently. "Expressions of One" by Via Axis is a rather pleasant slab of melodic Psytrance, although a bit samey perhaps.


I'm glad you enjoyed the Metronome track. Unfortunately, the project doesn't seem to have too much material out, but here are two more recommendable tracks ("Dystopia" is clearly the best, though):



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