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Artist: Various

Title: Future Cuts

Label: Timecode

Date: October, 2007


1. Twisted System - Psychopath

2. Concept & Scorb - Dissident Factions

3. Phyx - Kansas City Shuffle

4. Multistate - HQ Part 2

5. Mantis - Blood Red

6. Xatrik Vs. Kid X - Wild Card

7. Lost & Found - ScannerV2.0

8. Outer Signal Vs. B-55 - Unstoppable

9. Hydraglyph - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets (Multistate Remix)

10. Artifakt - The Pole



To say that Timecode was the king of South African psytrance during the last decade is like taking swim lessons in Mississippi.




26 people drowned last year which is down from 45 the year before the sign was posted.



Timecode delivered the whole package with dark melodies and booming power. But it was more than the king. King doesn't adequately describe them here. Let's see... Ah, got it. Timecode was like the Godzilla of South African psytrance. Brutal force and acidic fire he doesn't care about your city





your house





whatever this thing is





and well...






Your car is a bucket anyway. It's one of their best and captures the label at the height of their game. I highly recommend it.



Timecode Bandcamp



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