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Anjuna Records | Digital Distribution

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Dear Goa Heads,

We are happy to announce about our digital distribution platform, all our albums will be available digitally in our bandcamp page and in the near future, selected albums will be available through other platforms as well.

We are currently adding all our albums to our bandcamp page for digital download: http://anjunarecords.bandcamp.com/


A lot of requests towards digital downloads has been transmitted to us in the past year and as we promised to consider it we decided that now is a good time to start in parallel to physical CD, to offer you our great music in digital format.



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Guest antic

Great! Too bad it's not possible to take advantage of instant digital download for those who ordered at your regular store already :(

Hope you (and the artists) are getting bigger cut of the sales if we buy through your webpage?

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Would be nice to offer coupons to whoever bought the albums directly from you to also be able to download a FLAC version of the albums/compilations.

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Indeed, bandcamp/discogs cutting aggressively profits of artists/labels.

I always thought that Bandcamp gives the labels a pretty fair deal, especially compared to the cost of running your own online store. Is your comment specific to Bandcamp, or just digital downloads in general?

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On 8/6/2018 at 10:56 AM, thanosp81 said:

They're back :)




Indeed, already talked with Tal and Paulo. Seems they are very serious to professionalise everything and look forward, away from the troubles of the past.

That is good, because this is a label with not a single bad release. (rare these days)

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1 hour ago, pdinklag said:

Does it mean that I can safely purchase the phyiscal releases on Bandcamp? I've been reluctant to do it for well known reasons...

Since they went live again I presume they have sorted out their problems. Even if they didn't, use Paypal and if things don't work out you get your money back. I personally never had an issue.

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