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"V/A - Orange Compilation"


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Artist: Various

Title: Orange Compilation

Label: TIP Records

Date: July, 1995


1. Doof - Mars Needs Women

2. GNOTR - Conflict

3. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light

4. Total Eclipse - A Little Bit of Heaven

5. Psychaos - Intellect

6. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles

7. The Infinity Project - Alien Airport

8. Einstein - Einstein's Nightlife

9. Voodoo People - People Are Strange

10. Voodoof - Thru


"Do we really want to know about the future?"


From the label that is now the face of Indian diplomat body cavity searches (at least to me) comes one of the best psychedelic goa trance albums made. All the titans of the genre make an appearance with tracks that have become classics of the golden era of goa trance. Wanna taste of that era? Then this is for you! Even the names that might not be familiar do not disappoint. Well maybe Einstein, but f*ck him what did he ever do?




What, no gold chain? No hat cocked obnoxiously to the side? You ain't gangsta.



From the corny but cool Mars Needs Women to the sinister track with a chip on its shoulder Thru this is a great window into what made goa fantastic at the time. The Nuns come out with the blistering Conflict and probably one of my favorite tracks by some outfit known as Astral Projection. But the track that screams psychedelic goa madness is the Hallucinogen opus Angelic Particles. Mind melting wizardry is what that is.


The only way this could've been better is if it came with a hand job.



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I am still waiting for a remaster of Intellect as the mastering of this album is absolutely atrocious.


I agree that this is one of the prime examples of why Goa Trance was so powerful back in the day, but some labels really dropped the ball here and there on the mastering.

This isn't the only comp with this problem and most of the tracks on here got released elsewhere and have other mastering choices, but Intellect is not one of those and the flatness of it makes my heart weep when I play it out



A+ comp as far as track selection goes

C/C- for mastering

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This is one of my favourite TIP records compilations.

Top tracks from top artists from the golden years.

Total Eclipse - A Little Bit Of Heaven is always a crowd pleaser and always brings a smile to my face.

Voodoof - Thru finishes off the comp brilliantly, shame there wasn't more from Nick Barber and Paul Jackson based on the quality of this track.

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