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"V/A - Exploration of Space and Time"


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Artist: Various

Title: Exploration of Space and Time

Label: Dimensional Records

Date: December, 2011



1. Ekoplex – Close Your Eyes (6:17)
2. Jikooha – Eternal Dreams ( 8:53)
3. Cosmic Silence – Cosmogenesis 2012 (Jikooha Remix) (8:22)
4. PequalNP – Reimann Hypothesis (8:12)
5. Laughing Skull – Dry Bones Vision (8:27)
6. Psychomental – Transmitter (9:10)
7. Enichkin – Easy (7:40)
8. Lexx_Resident – Time Travel (10:31)
9. Crossing Mind – Optronic Circles (8:14)

1. Enichkin – Blugdayushiv Zyuk (6:50)
2. Ekoplex – Forest Shaman (edit) (6:50)
3. Electrypnose – Where Is The Exit (8:24)
4. Sinhafazatron – Crysys (6:30)
5. Electrypnose – Until You Get There (7:02)
6. Enichkin – Is A (7:07)
7. Lexx_Resident– All The Answers In One Question (9:34)
8. Moodsyne – Synchrotron (7:41)
9. Laughing Skull – Fear & Laugh (8:24)
10. Overdream – Cloud Of Sound (8:03)


"I closed my eyes. The moment I did...the whispering became a cloud of sound."



Dimensional Records is a Belgian label that released some really good albums such as GoAsia's Dancing With The Blue Spirit, Liquid Flow's Presence, as well as Terrestrial Planet Finder by the Space Elves. This was an ambitious double CD (actually it could be called a 3CD compilation as the chill part of the story was released at a later date to save on shipping costs) that puts several subgenres together. I wanted to write a review, but I'm also feeling a little lazy so I'll write a short blurb about each track.


Close Your Eyes- A good head nodding opener in a break beat style.


Eternal Dreams- I believe I have just listened to the cheesiest Jikooha track ever.


Cosmogenesis (Jikooha Remix)- And now I have heard the 2nd cheesiest Jikooha track. Oof Oof music.


Riemann Hypothesis- I hate to say they peaked really early, but this is the track of the compilation. Storming goa trance that obliterates everything.






Dry Bones Vision- This is another goa trance track that races across the horizon. Searingly hot.


Transmitter- Dark and chunky full of Braincell-esque goodness.


Easy- Perhaps if it wasn't so easy he could've made a better track. I'm no artist, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to finish it before you submit your work. This won't be the last disappointment from this project.


Time Travel- This is a tale of two tracks. The lead in the 2nd half is awesome, but it seemed to take forever to get there. Don't give up though. It's worth it.


Optronic Circles- Just like E-mantra has a recognizable sound so does this titan of the genre. This track was on his last album Inner Shift, but I'm guessing this is the original version. Wonderful mid-tempo goa trance.


On to the second disc and some night time action.


Blugdayushiv Zyuk-




You got one more time buddy.




Forest Shaman (edit)- I'm a fan of his work, but this wasn't one of his best efforts. Not bad, but not great.


Where Is The Exit- The sultan of strange concocts a dark and chunky track headed the wrong way down a one way street. Sinful and full of evil thoughts.






Tastes like filler.




Until You Get There- The emperor of eerie (I'll stop) with a less aggressive track yet still unsettling. He's got a knack for atmosphere, always has.


Is A- And strike three you're out. Yeah I said it. Maybe his style is supposed to be like this. Bore trance.


All The Answers In One Question- Dark and spooky it begins with a twisted minimal vibe and eventually becomes thicker. Not bad.


Synchrotron- This is the best non-goa track here. Period. Love the brooding night time stuff that reminds me of what Azax used to be capable of. Holy sh*t this is bad ass.


Fear and Laugh- Nitzho kick with twilight? Meh, it had its moments.


Cloud of Sound- Annnnnnnnd...we go out with nothing special.






Let's see. If I had to sum up this compilation in one sentence...No I know I don't have to, but weren't you listening? I'm lazy.


This is a good compilation that offers some quality tracks in the goa and psytrance arena, but would be great if there was more PequalNP, Electrypnose and Moodsyne with significantly less Enichkin.












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I would like to formally disagree about enichkin in this release with you TM2U.


The Easy track is absolutely masterful mid-tempo psytrance. Blugdayushiy Zvuk is another masterpiece in psybient. The tracks are organic and ooze with atmosphere and storytelling. Lovely, lovely soundscapes. The production quality reminds me of Shpongle. Enichkin hasn't been all that consistent in my books but when he does something right, he does it exceptionally well. I could get lost in these tracks for hours.


I personally think CD1 has a straight nosedive until PequalNP, which is a turning point to some of the finest Goa back then. I also Lexx Residents track is absolutely mindblowing. It has at least 4 distinct sections/styles, including an uplifting middle, all flowing perfectly toward the menacing explosive climax with subtle tribal elements. The climax is out of this world. This type of composition is rare in todays goa, I would love to hear more of it.


CD2 is also a bit all over the place. Electrypnose and Laughing Skull deliver good tracks but the highlight and crown jewel of the CD is Moodsyne's brilliance. That's how you make dark goa. Cybernetika style. Revving acid!


Unfortunately the cover just doesn't represent the quality you can find in the album. I almost solely blame it for me ignoring this album. Well the first 4 tracks of CD1 didn't help.

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