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Psilocybian - Brain Dissolver

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Artist: Psilocybian

Title: Brain Dissolver

Label: Unreleased

Date: 2012


1. Sponge
2. The Creator
3. Reality Bomb
4. Integrated Circuits
5. Brain Dissolver
6. Spooky Doobi Doo
7. Interconectedness
8. Human Show
9. Peyotl
10. Strange place to play



Allow me to introduce to you one of the best psytrance artists you may not be listening to. I realize I shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition, but we've always been a little informal around here and it ain't like I'm writing a letter to Congress. The lack of the f word should make that clear. Ok, just one.


"Hey Congress...f*ck you."


I think I just gave my high school English teacher a stroke.


This is Sasa Dukic and he is preparing to release his third album Dreamtime. The review is finished, but I thought it would be good to immerse myself in his previous works to see what he's all about. Wry Figments was good, but he's stepped up his game with this puppy.









Let's get down to business. And he does with an opener that flaunts some high tech atmosphere and moves with a little bad ass swagger. It gets a little rambly, but it eases you into his world.


The Creator- Pumping beats and a rolling bass line set you up like bowling pins and he knocks you down with echoing leads and effects. Now. You're playing. With Power.


Reality Bomb- "My dear friends you're now about to enter the nerve center. Inside of this room all of your dreams become realities, and some of your realities become dreams."


Growling leads, intensity...what is not to like here. Gooey bass sounds, lasers and melodies. It's like Willy Wonka had a wet dream and it came out as cream cheese frosting.


Integrated Circuits- Purely an effects driven track that is fit to burst with cyber energy and sounds. Amelodic on its face yet strangely warmed by the hum of machinery. Undulating electronic waves oscillate creating tributaries of neural pathways.


Brain Dissolver-




"From you alright?!? I learned it from watching you!"


Lasers are fired in the opening salvo as more energy drips in fractal shapes on a cold and sterile floor. The layers multiply making this a storming track and a f*cking cracker of an omelet.


Spooky Doobi Doo- Sounds fire into the atmosphere as the kick and bass hold you captive. Mesmerized by the spooky 1950's sound the break brings a massive lead streaking across the sky. You can't bury that 303 amidst all those layers. I hear you.


Interconnectedness- Bubbling electronic energy hugs the beat and this really reminds me of the work of Braincell (how prophetic). Liquid sounds hang in the air crackling with multi-colored sparks. De-Licious!


Human Show- More liquid sounds pool and it maintains the vibe, but this one was a little thin.


Peyotl- "Peyote is supposed to give you a sense of peace and a feeling of oneness with nature."


Not to mention a wicked high. You always leave that bit out and then you see yourself on YouTube running around a McDonald's with war paint on your face and a three iron in your hand declaring yourself lord and ruler of the deep fryer.




Tragically, his mother's words finally rang true and his face did stay like that.


This track is slower and preparing you for the come down. That's what I first thought, but the more I listened to it, the more trippy it became.


Strange Place- Ending this psychedelic ride is a dubby piece of downtempo. Eerie with racing leads and a drum kit that is so real you'll think it's in your living room. Slower yet not slow it is a great way to come down.


So that's his style. Bring the thundering kick to numb you, shower you with effects to transport you into his mind, and hypnotize you with swirling leads. Pretty good formula. There is always something going on with sounds in a perpetual ricochet. The mood is dark, but he doesn't abandon you to the black. He gives you a handrail of light to guide you. Another thing, he flirts with goa like an eighth grader flirts with his sister's blessedly overdeveloped friend during a sleepover. This really is an orgy of electronic bubbling and cyber sounds that create a futuristic and detailed tapestry. A few good tracks, but the rest are spectacular. It's a shame this was never released, but that will change very soon.





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This one feels like a Braincell album to me. There are two stand-out tracks and eight really good but not-quite special tracks in the bunch. "Brain Dissolver", I feel, is some high-quality full-on - it has a great blast of energy and some real addictive hooks. That's not to say that it's Psilocybian at his finest, though. "Strange Place To Play" is much better (in Braincell-esque fashion, the album ends on some heart-rending down tempo). The track is weird, quirky and stunningly gorgeous, perhaps one of the best Psilocybian has made under this moniker or even under the Screw Loose title.

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