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Artist: Various

Title: Flight 604

Label: Zion 604

Date: May, 2012


1. Enlightenment (Oforia Remix) - Loud

2. Goa Visions - Adrenalin Drum

3. Spirit of God - Qlipadelic Rhythm & Jikooha

4. Enoch - Aurax

5. Physical Reality - Computer Controlled

6. Narrow Vision In A Wide World - Cymatics

7. Analogue Sunrise - InnerZone

8. Gate To The Past - California Sunshine

9. Evil Echo - 2 Minds






Sitting at home with nothing to do but surf the net is dangerous indeed. Add Zion 604 to the labels that I've cleaned out. Damn you Paypal and your incredible ease of use! If you don't know, Zion 604 Records is a psychedelic trance record label formed in March 2012 by Roy Sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida. An Israeli/Japanese tag team if you will. This is their first release as a label and a first step in their main goal: preserving the Goa culture by spreading Goa music.


That can't be a bad thing right? But they say that this is Pure Israeli New School at its best.




That word...I don't think it means what you think it means. I recognize some of the artists as being old school, so are these new tracks? But there are new schoolers hear as well. I see you Jikooha. Don't try to hide.



Enlightenment (Oforia Remix)- Ofer's back in play with a remix of a Loud track. Noun, not adjective. I was stunned at how unremarkable it was. Zero twists and turns just straight ahead. Where are the layers? Where's the acid lines? Answer me that Mr. Pigs in Space!?!


Don't come in here with that weak shit Ofer.


Goa Visions- "If you haven't heard of LSD, you will. It's a safe bet that this drug will make headlines in this country as it has for some years in America."

You hear those 303's? Those dogs are barkin! It has a swagger that doesn't hit you at once, but prefers to strike from a distance. I was hoping for a nice climax that would bring all the elements together, but that didn't happen.


Spirit of God- Now this is some good new school. It thumps with ever changing leads and arcing pads. Not overly lush with tons of layers, but again straightforward. Twinkling sounds and electronic whistles add to it's nature. For those that are sick of the floating style you'll probably enjoy this.


Enoch- Old Schooler Aurax gets things chunky about halfway through with some guttural goa sounds. It pumps and rises to a pretty good climax.

One of the most unintentionally sexual things I've ever typed.


Physical Reality- "It only comes into existence when it bumps up against some other piece of physical reality."

That's what she said. You had to be there.

You might not recognize the name here, but this is Eitan Rider (half of Loud) and one of the label heads. This track sounds pure old school with a melody that I swear I've heard before. It builds and bubbles over with maximum twirling potential. Eitan should make more goa, he's pretty good at it.




Narrow Vision in a Wide World- "What do you mean? What do you think when you say the word I? I...myself."

Either this guy is an old schooler that never made anything or he is fresh as a daisy cause he comes right out and stakes his claim. New guy makes massive old school track. Screaming leads echo throughout as it combines the floating power of sunshine with the aggressive swagger of the dark side.

Can't wipe the smile off my face.



Analogue Sunrise- Another unknown artist to me with a very busy track. Pumping surely, with noisy sounds and drug samples that tumble over like a waterfall. Some good layering in there and it gets into attack mode at the end.


Gate To The Past- If you've read my reviews (and how could you not I'm everywhere...see, look at my profile. Look at it. It even says so) then you know my utter disdain for California Sunshine. For my ears they haven't produced anything worthwhile in over a decade and just seeing them on a tracklist makes me want to send rockets into Israel. Now I know this is a track from 2009 so they can't add to their pile of refuse, but it still stinks. The cornball "The Gate to the Past" sample with that accent and the loud clap is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So cheesy. What's a matter, couldn't fit any guitars in here? I swear I want to start a petition to get them to drop the California from their name. They're ruining it. Gate to the past? Yeah, you wish.


Evil Echo- Brothers you say? Hmm...a very cool downtempo track. The melody wavers and speaks of ancient times and deities. Deep bass hums as the trip deepens and you descend into the underground of the Middle East. Old meets young with some glitchy elements and banging percussion.



Very impressive maiden voyage Zion. Throw out the CS track and it's even better. You got some old school artists and some new ones making old school. I like your philosophy and I just recently ordered your catalog so you can expect more reviews in the future. Recommended.

Suntrip Records





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1. Loud - Enlightenment (Oforia Remix)

There is a cool loop at the beginning that remains for most of the track, but i was surprised that nothing really happens towards the end, i agree with Mdk above, no inspiration here (laziness?) (never heard the original). 5/10


2. - Adrenalin Drum - Goa Visions

Agree with Mdk as well, really cool 303 melody but the whole track is quite empty, but as I still like what i hear, bassline, melody, 303, I give it a 7/10


3. Qlipadelic Rhythm & Jikooha - Spirit of God

I was disappointed. Actually I don't know Qlipadelic Rhythm at all but I am a fan of Jikooha and I have heard so much better from Jikooha in the past, this track actually tries to be creative and psychedelic with many layers but the final result is forgettable, that melody in the second half is not that interesting. 5.5/10


4. Aurax - Enoch

Nothing really incredible but what i hear is good enough, effective psytrance. 6.5/10


5. Computer Controlled - Physical Reality

First of all, the intro is very good with a nice climax, this is how good intros should sound like. After that intro, nothing happens for quite a while until actually the 4th minute mark, there is a breakdown, you think something good will come out, you wait wait...6th minute mark finally some nice melodies. This track lasts 8 minutes but could have lasted 10 given the quality of the last two minutes... still a pleasant track. 7.5/10


6. Cymatics - Narrow Vision In A Wide World

This one starts quick with nice acidic leads, then develops into a typical neo goa track, a la Filteria. Some parts remind me Lost into the wild from Filteria, but this track came 2 years earlier so..! After the 5th minute mark the track gets even better and more melodic, I dig that track a lot. Great job - 8/10


7. InnerZone - Analogue Sunrise

Weird intro, please stop! 0:55 nice it's over.

A bit like track 3 I was not convinced, busy track indeed but more is not always better, many layers yet it's not that catchy until 5:45 and a great lead that stays 45 seconds. 5.5/10


8. California Sunshine - Gate To The Past

Slow track, an atmosphere trying to be entrancing... is it working? Yes and no. It's not that bad, the track sounds repetitive with a typical California sunshine loop but i was so surprised to hear the track finish at 6:30 I mean really? Why? lol this one could easily have lasted 10 minutes if the guys decided to work more on it...they didn't and were satisfied with this? I'm puzzled, most unfinished track I have heard for a long time... 5/10


9. 2 Minds - Evil Echo

The traditional downtempo track, I rarely dig them at the end of compilations (and albums) this one is decent I guess. 6/10



So as you can see from my ratings, this compilation is not my favourite.

2 very good tracks: #5 and #6

Other nice tracks: #2 and #4

The rest is not amazing. That's a total of 4 tracks really worth listening and I was not happy with that - expected more.

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