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Atma - Music Revolution


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Artist: Atma

Title: Music Revolution

Label: BMSS Records

Date: November, 2011


1. The outer limits
2. Freedom
3. Forbidden Paradise
4. Music Revolution
5. Disturbing Silence
6. Into the void
7. Space Conquest
8. It's time
9. When we dream
10. The Guide




"You have been propelled into the void."




Shame on you Atma. Shame on you for entitling your album Music Revolution when it's barely music and shall cause no revolution. Revulsion surely, but no revolution for you! This is full-on to.the.bone. Absolutely nothing to write home about. 6 years ago I would've rolled my eyes at such cheese. The album takes on a darker tone with the 4th track and gets better but once the whole is dug it's very difficult to climb out of it.


Shame on Atma's friends who certainly voted 5/5 on Discogs to give this the ridiculously unwarranted score of 4.89. We stop friend s from driving drunk all the time. Couldn't someone maybe pull him aside and talk to him? That's higher than Etnica's Live in Athens for God's sake. Really? Can anyone say with a straight face that this is in the same class?




"Smells like my dead husband!"


Yes, it smells that badly. Adverbs motherf*cker...they're making a comeback. BTW, is that doubly racist, putting and Asian cartoon face on a black guy?


Shame on promo guy who wrote this gem without even listening to the CD:


"Atma leads us into a completely new perspective of electronic music."


How the f*ck do you figure that?


What happened bro? Who hurt you? Hurt you so bad that with this release you are potentially undoing any good that your previous albums have done. It's not Audiotec or DNA bad, but he is definitely running in the same race. Life is too short for mediocrity. Think of this as a cautionary tale to people who might not know any better.


Put the Atma down and walk away. Walk away.


Not linking to disappointment.



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Information :


Artist : Atma

Title : Music Revolution

Label : BMSS Records

Date : 25 November 2011

Genre : Psy-trance


Tracklist :


1. The Outer Limits

2. Freedom

3. Forbidden Paradise

4. Music Revolution

5. Disturbing Silence

6. Into the Void

7. Space Conquest

8. It's Time

9. When We Dream

9. The Guide


Review :


The well known Atma, who already released two great albums, come back in november of 2011, with a new album called "Music Revolution". After two such good albums, it's useless to say that a lot is waited on this third release. New Album, so new label, this time it's the turn of BMSS records. Will Atma keep the level high and offer us great space-themed track ? Let's see...


The Outer Limits

The song start with some kind of guitar notes, which isn't common for an Atma's track. Then comme the kick with a nice bassline, always powerfull and dynamic, like you can hear in most of song from Atma. As most of Atma's song, this track got a space-themed. It use background tune in order to give the track a nice atmosphere. You can hear the guitar's note though the whole song; it's simple but it sounds nice. Then come a nice melody at 3:49 ; it only last a short time at each end of beat, but it's very nice tune. The melody at 5:27 isn't especially good but it isn't neither bad. It's getting better at 5:52 when this get more developped, with the other tune in backgroud playing back. A good song, not exceptionnal, but surely not a track who include "cheesy" melodies !


Freedom :

Here again, short introduction, and then another nice kick accompanied with pretty good bassline. At start, the background tunes doesn't sound good at all. It sound strange, but fast come a nice synth lead at 1:09. Here again, the main melody is made with guitar notes, which are nicely edited, so it does still sound like if it were coming from another planet, like I said at multiple time in my review of second album of Atma. Then come the first voice sample of the album, and everything goes on again with kick and bassline : just damn it that there isn't a long ascent for this like most of the track from previous album had. I don't like much the melodies coming later, however I do love those violins lines at 4:52, played in background. It fits the song very well ! However, the extended version of the tune at 5:18 is very bad, it doesn't sound well at all ! Fortunately, the following tunes make this track better. Not my favourite one of the album, and it miss of some nice ascents and breaks, but the use of violin is original.


Forbidden Paradise :

One of my favourite track of the album ! The rythmic is great. Melodies are very nice, by moment they sound very soft and relaxing, and by other moments they sound very powerful. But best part is 2:00, what a great break, and what a wonderful guitar melody ! No doubt, this is Atma at his best. We have our great break from last album back in this one too, on this track, and then Atma just give all the elements he got to create another great, spacey themed and powerfull track ! There's nothing else to say, it's one of my favourite Atma's track for sure !


Music Revolution :

This song as a basic kick and bassline, however it as some nice and fast tunes, that you can clearly hear at 1:26. This is a much more progressive track than the other one, and this is due to the fact that thought this whole song there's mutiple breaks & ascents nicely done. However, this track is missing a nice main melody. Damn it, because there were all the elements needed in order to build up a nice final tune. One of the worst track of the album, it isn't very good but it's still correct.


Disturbing Silence :

Again a song with fast tunes in background. It does sound very space-themed, with those strange tunes playing in background. Some nice chorus voice in background at 3:11 give this track a nice atmosphere. And that's almost all. No main melody, not much other sound added after middle of the track except the extended version of the chorus voice and some voice samples. Worst track of the album.


Into the void :

After two disappointing track, we want to hear something good. Into the void start with a sample, quickly propulsed with a classical kick and bassline. The background tunes that follow are good and preview a better song than the last one. The whole thing is well structured, with by example a good break at 3:49. And at 4:40, it's there, a nice melody, sounding good. Then it's cutted down and it only re-appear at the end of the track, which suck ! Atma could have use this melody in a better way. Anyway this is still a quite good track, who is much better than the 2 previous one.


Spacey Conquest :

Another one of my favourite track from this album ! There's a nice introduction, then come a loud kick with pretty good bassline. Background sounds are good. Then there's a very nice break, who has very soft and deep tunes at same times. The voice sample coming next fits very well the track. After that, a little ascent, and here we go with a nice melody, at 3:29. It does sound a little bit cheesy, but it's not that bad. What I love in this track are the break, like at 4:36. In this last one, there's some very nice sample and background tunes, later accompanied with nice synth note. This whole stuff is leading to a very nice song.


It's Time :

This song contains synth notes, later accompanied with pretty violin tunes. There's so many different elements included in this track, like chorus vocals in background or electric guitar melodies later in the song. The whole thing is played with a good kick and bassline, structued with nice ascents and breaks, making of this track another good one of the album !


When We Dream :

I like a lot the very clear and soft tune played at the beginning of the song. There's some nice piano notes, but it doesn't fit enough with the rest of the song, like at 2:22. It perpetually evolve and this could be good for a solo, but as I said, it's not enough mixed with the other sounds. At 3:50, we got a strange tune playing, accompanied then with a nice synth, in order to achieve a nice ascent. It's only at 5:33 that the song is getting better, keeping the piano note but escorting it with great synth notes who perfectly fit the track and give to the song a great final melody. An okay track, could have been better if piano notes fitted the rest of the song in a better way.


The Guide :

I would never think about finding....a downtempo song as last track of the album ! But that's it ! Atma is giving a try at a downtempo track, and that's exceptionnaly good ! I don't think I ever heard something near to ambient or to downtempo from Atma. He always use to have heavy kick with nice bassline. And in this track, he can't neither use heavy kick neither powerfull bassline in order to make the job. The rhytmic of the track sound like some drum n bass stuff, but the background tunes are very good : it make of this track something space-themed. Melodies are there, like by example at 2:52, and they sound very well ! We got a nice break a 3:32, and then you got this wonderful violin tune in background at 3:52. There's some sound that even remind me about the album "Unearthly", from "Ra", like the one at 4:42. At 6:35, there's this great melody, probably the best one of the whole album, who does sound very goa-like, with this I don't know what of psytrance, giving back this tune something space-themed. Best track of the album for sure !


Overall :


What an album we got there !

On one hand, we got some spacey-themed track, which have wonderful melodies and nice structures, with several breaks & ascents. The last track is just amazing, because of two reasons : first because it's first time we hear something downtempo from Atma, second because this is greatly done !

On the other hand, we got some medium track, who always lack of something. Sometimes it miss a main melody, and sometimes there's some tunes which does sound ok but there isn't the ascents and breaks needed to build this correctly !

Compared to his last album, Atma offer us a less regular performance : in his last album, almost every track were good. In this new one, there's only a few tracks that sound very good. Most of them sound correct and two of them are even bad.

In overall, this isn't a bad album from Atma. It's a good one, who contains track with great melodies and a excellent downtempo track. However, there's also a lot of average stuff. If your an Atma's fan, I can only advice you to listen to the full album. If you're not, well I would tell you that you shouldn't attempt listening to as much good track as you used to in Atma's previous album.


Trance2MoveU wrote :


Shame on you Atma. Shame on you for entitling your album Music Revolution when it's barely music and shall cause no revolution. Revulsion surely, but no revolution for you! This is full-on to.the.bone. Absolutely nothing to write home about. 6 years ago I would've rolled my eyes at such cheese. The album takes on a darker tone with the 4th track and gets better but once the whole is dug it's very difficult to climb out of it.

Cheesy ? How did you find previous album from Atma then ? Sure, this album isn't as good as his previous one, but until say that "this is full-on to be bone", this is much more than underrated !

You wrote most of the review of this forum, and I read several of them. I've a lot of respect for what you did. When you needed to be severe, you were, like when reviewing Scope from Magneto. But why beeing so hard on this release, when Atma offer us a great downtempo track ?


Trance2MoveU wrote :


It's not Audiotec or DNA bad, but he is definitely running in the same race

I can't see any connexion between Atma last album and stuff from AudioTec or DNA. It's always the same recipe as in previous release : loud kick, nice bassline, and great melodies, the whole thing structured with break and ascent.



Best track : 3, 7, 9

Worst track : 4, 5


Rating : 7/10



To buy it :





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Don't think I have seen two polar opposite reviews for something like that recently.

I've to say it's first time I see a review of someone and that Im not agree with it ! But I really gave my opinion in this review, Im not an Atma sucker !


Hmm I liked the first of his somewhat... Would I like this?

I guess you liked "The secret of Meditation". Well it's an hard question since there's two review with complete different opinion. I would say that In Music revolution, you will still find the powerfull kick & bassline. You also still have great melodies, but not in every songs. That sound a bit different from previous album and this is normal since it's a new album. I can only suggest you listening to the album to make your opinion ;). But whatever is happening, please don't forgot to listen to last track, which is awesome, since it's downtempo ! And also my favourite one is the track number 3, it contains amazing melody, so I guess you'll like it.

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Just listened to this and I fall into the Trance2MoveU camp. It is not the worst full-on I've heard but it definitely straddle the line of cheese too much for my liking. I feel he's right in that things get darker, and better, later in the album. "Disturbing Silence" is definitely not the worst track on the album, as Darkill states, but it is one of the better tracks. In fairness, it's all subjective, though I do agree that "The Guide" is a great down tempo track. : )

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