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Aliens used me to make an unearthly track :D


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Maybe it's just the fact that I've been sitting for 14 hours at my desk, working on my diploma thesis, now drinking some ultra-icy vodka, but that track really makes me want to trip like Homer in Rotwang's sig.



Good job!



//Edit: Btw. I like the image of some cosmic narwhales grooving and flowing through space, some of them maybe with an unsuspecting expression on their face, asking the viewer "heck, why not?"

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The melodies sound almost like they're going toward cheesy but then have a turn for the better! Very cool alien synths. The overall production could have some work on it to have smoother flow, the last part is a little iffy for me.


Nice track tho.

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Thanks very much for your opinions, I'm really glad that the track got so many attention (3 comments is pretty much alot for a noname artist xD) and totally happy that these opinions are so positive:D.


I do cheesy crap all the time because I'm not patient enough with automation/melodies/drums. Anyway I still consider myself a beginner, and this track is a big step forward to me :D Creating music is only my hobby so ill be improving my skills patiently and hopefully in several years i'll release some more mature music that tells some insanely alien stories :P

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Sounds nice, bit weird/strange, in fact, you could make it little bit faster at some parts of the track and even more weirder thus, IMO, I believe it would sound even better if speeded up here and there to keep us on our toes and agitated coz some parts of the track sound too chilled while the sounds in those parts tell me that its crazy alien anal rape going on ;).

Slow anal rape by aliens doesnt sound good to my ears, make it faster, harder, deeper lol :lol:


I hope your anus healed well, otherwise you might have problems shitting :D


Overall nice, I liked, just a bit too slow overall.

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