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  1. The white noise is good, but without the resonance, and not the release but decay. Attack, Sustain and Release set to 0. Then use compressor with alot of gain, play with EQ's. This way you can get similar effect. Then if you'll want even better sound, you can create more layers with copy of your snare and just play with them, change decay and maybe attack on the envelopes, apply filters (maybe even add some resonance with fast decay to add more punch to it).
  2. Hi all. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a journey through our galaxy: >LINK< Any opinions (especially negative ones ) are welcome.
  3. Thanks very much for your opinions, I'm really glad that the track got so many attention (3 comments is pretty much alot for a noname artist xD) and totally happy that these opinions are so positive:D. I do cheesy crap all the time because I'm not patient enough with automation/melodies/drums. Anyway I still consider myself a beginner, and this track is a big step forward to me Creating music is only my hobby so ill be improving my skills patiently and hopefully in several years i'll release some more mature music that tells some insanely alien stories
  4. So the last thing i remember is launching FL Studio yesterday, then i saw a ray of bright light coming towards me. I woke up few minutes ago with my soundcloud page open and a new track appeared. Also my butt aches alittle... Could someone investigate? http://soundcloud.com/qbns/qbns-cosmic-narwhal
  5. Hello everyone. It's my first post here so let me introduce myself: My name is Jakub, I'm from Poland. I got interested in goa trance music in 2005. Since then I have explored the genre very thoroughly and wanted to create some simple track of my own xD. So in April 2011 I installed FL Studio. I had some fun with it and I realised that it's not that hard to create good-sounding music. So without any further introduction, I present you my first track that im pretty happy about http://soundcloud.com/qbns/qbns-incomming All synths in the track are made from scratch (includin
  6. TOP 5 ARTISTS: 01. Astrancer 02. Filteria 03. Khetzal 04. Ra 05. Liquid Flow TOP 5 LABELS: 01. Suntrip 02. Metapsychic 03. Kagdila 04. Ezel Ebed 05. DAT TOP 5 ALBUMS: 01. Filteria - Sky Input 02. Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives 03. Khetzal - Corolle 04. Liquid Flow - Presence 05. Filteria - Heliopolis TOP 5 V/A: 01. Spiritual Rising 02. Pure Planet 4 03. Apsara 04. Pure Planet 2 05. Temple Of Chaos
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