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(Why don't they post it here is beyond me)

Past, Present and Future



Actually we'll be talking a lot about the future :)


Daze of Our Lives, the 3rd album of Filteria is out of stock. Definitely. If you can still find it new somewhere online, it won't be for long. So we can only expect Filteria to complete the highly expected 4th opus for 2013. Please send him your support as it's probably his biggest challenge now :)

Sundrops, our 2008 compilation and Arcana by E-Mantra will be soon gone too. We have a few dozen copies left, don't miss yours.

To Sirius, the first album of RA is also almost gone (2 copies left) and apparently those we got were the very last ones...

The next in line are Astral Experience by Afgin and the Temple of Chaos compilation but you have the time...



First we would like to thank you for the support with the new Crossing Mind album "The Inner Shiift'. Although opinions are contrasted we are still convinced this one will become a classic! If you are a promoter, well, just invite the guy. He's a cream and he will blow your dancefloor!

If you share our opinion, please submit your reviews on Psynews.org, Istratrance, etc.

Posted Image




Second, I'm still working on the rework of our website, but real life (and the 10-month baby that's part of it) are making things slower. It's getting really close though, please be patient.

Posted Image




Third, a small reminder that we are Boom Festival ambassadors for this year and we're selling tickets near you! This is your chance to attend one of the biggest psychedelic gatherings worldwide, taking place in Idana-a-Nova in Portugal every other year in August, and featuring the finest psytrance artists! Rush to our online shop to purchase your tickets and check the Boom Website for all sorts of useful infos :)

Ah, important, we don't have a physical shop. If you came knowcking because someone told you there's a shop at the Suntrip addresses in Gent or Brussels, you're the victim of an urban legend. Better write or call beforhand and set an appointment, because that's our personal addresses!!

In case of questions, please submit them to boom@sunriprecords.com . We have tickets in parties too (see DJ Anoebis).

Posted Image




Fourth, you are awaited at the Sol Invictus daytime open air party near Antwerpen next saturday May 12th.

10-12h Deep & Drone Ambient to wake up with

12-14h Pavane (ambient) - Suntrip Rec (BE)

14-16h ***Solar Fields*** LIVE (downtempo) - Ultimae records (SW)

05) 16-18h Anoebis (oldschool) - Suntrip Rec (BE)

18-21h ***RA*** 3h LIVE (oldschool) - Suntrip Rec (NO)

21-23h Yani (oldschool) - Suntrip Rec (BE)

23-01h Agneton & Lotus (nitzho) - Sita Rec (BE)

01-03h Mystika (full on) (NL)


As you can see Suntrip is highly represented and there will be 2 outstanding performances by Solar Fields and RA showcasing some of his new album's tracks!!!

Posted Image





Precisely, RA is working hard for his 3rd album codename SUNCD27. For the moment we've only heard a few extracts, and that's why we're eagerly waiting for the Sol Invictus party next week-end! That's going to be an experience! When will it be released? We don't know ourselves (crossing fingers for the end of 2012) but we'll ask him repeatedly :)

It's almost sure we'll release Mindsphere's second album before that, around September. Actually "Patience for Heaven" (SUNCD26) is complete and Ali is bringing some final changes now. Then Richpa, who brought us the Crossing Mind cover is going to provide this album's artwork too. There's something I'm not telling you about "Patience for Heaven" and...you'll know when you see the tracklist héhéhéhé!

Other plans? Many, but we always leave artists work in peace, so there's no dates. At the latest call, Nebula Meltdown, Filteria, Daimon aka Antares, E-Mantra, Merr0w, and even Khetzal (pray with us) are working on albums or compilation tracks, without mentioning the scores of awesome promos we got recently (yes we owe you feedback, pardon us) !!!

Hmm ah yes we are slowly working on another compilation and we even have half of it in our sleeves. We really want to give you shivers with that one! This might become SUNCD28 in 2013. So far away? Yeah but read what's following...


You've probably noticed Suntrip releases (only) 3-4 high quality CD releases per year. These releases are also available in digital shops, and that's all. This is fine but caused us to miss a few very good tracks & releases lately. Some artists just don't want to wait more than one year before they have a slot with us. We undertsand that. There's also superb 4/5-tracks promos whose artist doesn't want to make it an album. We happen to pick one track for a compilation and the rest is often lost. That's a shame!

So we thought about ways of releasing more good music with the little time we have, and without bargaining quality for quantity. We ended up on two new formulas: 1) very limited CD releases focussed on very good promising artists and dedicated to core Goatrance sceners. 2) Digital-only EPs. Clearly the goal isn't money here. The goal is to give more artists their chance to be heard and play under the Suntrip name!!

So expect SUNLTxx and SUNDGxx in the future! The near future, may I say, because we're probably going to start with a limited 300-copys of someone featured on Shaltu :) More about that very soon.

Have a sunny May!

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Very interested in the SUNLTxx and SUNDGxx's. I just hope it's not Shani Yantra from the comp lol. We don't need more full-on okay.


There's something I'm not telling you about "Patience for Heaven" and...you'll know when you see the tracklist héhéhéhé!

Inner Cyclone re-release? If only..

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You are right... We should post future updates here too :)


Ethereal is also working on new material, but they are working SLLOOOOWWWWLLYYYY, once they are ready, we are the first to hear it :)

The Mindsphere surprise is obviously not sooo hard to guess :P

Red Gravity stopped producing trance

About the limited Suntrip releases... No, it won't be Shani Yantra, don't worry... But soon we will announce the first album like that :) as said, the artist was featured on Shaltu... :)


(and thanks for the people that wrote a review for Crossing Mind, I didn't understand it, as it is one of the best Suntrip albums ever (imo) :)

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But soon we will announce the first album like that :) as said, the artist was featured on Shaltu... :)

Hopefully it will be INNERSPACE. That guy knows how to make some bangin and trippy goa trance.


Fingers X-ed

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