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"V/A - Art From The Heart Chapter II"


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Artist: Various

Title: Art From The Heart Chapter II

Label: Old Is Gold

Date: August, 2011


01 - Jayex & The Wonderboy - Witchcraft Night (145 BPM)

02 - Radical Distortion - Evil Machine (142 BPM)

03 - Jikooha - Riot Here! Riot Now! (144 BPM)

04 - Qlipadelic Rythm - Ganesh Soul (140 BPM)

05 - The Wonderboy - Kings of Camouflage (145 BPM)

06 - Snag The Sunshepherd - Aura (146 BPM)

07 - NK-47 - Know No Silence (145 BPM)

08 - Hybrid FX - Shamar (148 BPM)

09 - Afgin - Cleopatra (143 BPM)

10 - ArmagedDance - Sun And Snow (136 BPM)

11 - ArmagedDance - Away From Eden (113 BPM)



God Awful.


Have you ever seen something and said that?


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Nope that's just terrifying. I've never actually vomited spontaneously, but perhaps here...



Posted Image

Hey I"m a dog person, but this...f*ck where would you begin to try and pet this...abomination.



Posted Image

"Ok...I'll come peacefully. Let me get my fur coat." Need a lawnmower to shave that thatch. He is every cab driver I have ever had in NYC.



That's how I felt when I saw this cover. So ugly. So we've got flowers (opium maybe?) mountains, crazy colored clouds, the Earth I guess, and then...what the f*ck is that?


Posted Image

Riiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg...yes, it's attention. I craves it. Aw f*ck it, if that's his way of expressing himself more power to him. It's a free country, but good luck finding a job that doesn't involve circus tents and cotton candy. And how does getting laid work? Can't imagine they're lining up for some reptile lovin. How bout that first visit to the girlfriends parents? Actually he's been married for almost 10 years so if that doesn't prove there is someone for everyone....and no she isn't a turtle. Guy's actually really smart.


So yeah, this cover is ugly. Maria, no offense but uh...I wouldn't put this on the resume. Less is more, and there is just too much "more" going on. But file this in the don't judge a book by its cover drawer, because there are some seriously good tunes to be found. As you can see this is the 2nd chapter in the Art From the Heart series and like its predecessor it is also free. It's a who's who in the genre of today's goa trance with some names I am sure you will recognize. And some not. But surely if you've been following this music, then you know of the label. They have released the 3 Golden Vibes goa trance compilations and of course the album when the world became aware of Uber-talent Afgin.



Witchcraft Night- I swear I've heard that tribal chanting sample, but I cannot put my finger on it. Hmmm...notice it's over 9 minutes and that gives me pause because normally I cannot take 3 minutes of Wonderboy tracks. Just my preference, but I feel he is a better compiler. But this one isn't bad. Flutes, bass sweeps and a general happy vibe until it shifts after 4 minutes. The break sees a return of the chanting sample and I have to admit the flow is very enjoyable. Good job.


Evil Machine-


Posted Image

Civil servants mistakenly believe they can save Sarah Connor by beating the sh*t out of one of HP's budget models. Alas the blows struck weren't fatal...and laser printers hold a grudge.


It's full steam ahead with power and multiple waves of melody. Gotta like the energy in this one.


Riot Here! Riot Now!-


Posted Image

"No more naps! I mean it...and get that f*cking cauliflower off my plate!"


Japanese badasses Jun Iwai & Masakazu Shimodi win the title of don't f*ck around track with a straight out of the box stormer that oozes with intensity. Layers of melody and the presence of some crunchy guitar that doesn't seem out of place. Boom.


Ganesh Soul- Very good track by this newcomer with yep you guessed it more layers of melody. He strangles one lead like I want to strangle those baloonheads on Fox News. Wipe that f*cking smirk off your face Steve Doocy! It loses the initial power it had, but it's still good for what appears to be the first release from this project.


Kings of Camouflage-


Posted Image

nothing to see here, keep it moving people.



Aura- I didn't hear his album. Was it good? This was a little too...full-oney for my liking. Pass.


Know No Silence- 18 year old (you sonofab*tch wipe that smile off your face!) Israeli Nadav Kahanowich makes some awesome goa trance. Melody + Power = wish I was 18 again. This is not your 4 on the floor type stuff. I mean yeah it gets to that, but it also has other interesting rhythms. He starts tacking on the layers for a pretty good track.


Shamar- Kinda has a simple bass line, a bunch of Indian(?) chants or vocal, especially the break. I think if I was bumping this in my car, they would think I was a terrorist. Then I would be brought in for questioning, they'd check my internet history (and I definitely don't want that) and then put on the no fly list...it's a whole thing. It's a little on the thin side, but still enjoyable and pumping.


Cleopatra- This gentleman needs no introduction and the soft Indian vocal means the promised land of bollywood can't be far away.


Posted Image


Man, he shows us how it's done. Bubbling synths and bass lines, layers of 303 madness, and just smooth as silk flow. It twinkles and then growls for a great ride. One of my favorites.



Sun and Snow- Artur Mataryan from Mother Russia has released several albums that are worth checking out. Here he brings rising and falling synths and layers of sound. It's got an outer space feel and is floaty. Good one.


Away From Eden- Artur again to close the compilation with a short downtempo track. Big pads and percussion form the foundation with a nice flute melody. Good way to end.



So it is what it is. Please overlook the cover and give this a try. Several styles of goa are represented with some good results. It's free so you have nothing to lose but time.





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