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Goat Ranch Mix: kompressorkanonen – Lost Beaches


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Got another one for you guys, this one's a little different... Sixteen tracks of proto-Goa spanning 1989-1995. History lesson for some, nostalgia for others, and just great music for the rest. ;)


Posted Image


Details and download: http://goatranch.com/2012/01/07/kk-lost-beaches/


DJ: kompressorkanonen

Title: Lost Beaches

Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)

Size: 171MB

Duration: 74:43



01 Abfahrt – Alone (It’s Me) [ZYX 6140-12]

02 Konzept – Hypnautic Beats (Ambient 1990 Mix) [NEZ11]

03 Phantasia – Violet Skies (Instrumental) [MR005]

04 ASF – Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) [MFF007t]

05 Trilithon – Choice (Synth Version) [MMA-462]

06 The Overlords – Sun Down (Sunfactor 909 – Comamix) [AS5051]

07 Voodoo People – Altitude (Malana Edit) [SR001]

08 Genetic – Transmission (Original Version) [BFLT13]

09 Atahualpa – Ultimo Imperio [ZYX 6379-12]

10 Electrotete – Alcatraz [APOLLO19]

11 Elysium – Interpretation of Dreams [NZ028]

12 Kode IV – Dissolve (Connection Dub) [KK089]

13 Voov – It’s Anything You Want it to Be, And It’s a Gas (Smoke Machine) [MFS70160]

14 Transwave – Goacore [560 0031 36]

15 G.G.E. – Uniform Planet (Orbit Trance) [FALD04]

16 Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons (Voodoo People Mix) [12NoMu27]


Enjoy everyone, and thanks a bunch for listening! :)

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Oopsies! Forgot to add the mix name to the title of the post - dang it! If a mod can fix, I'll bake you cookies. ;)


It should say: Goat Ranch Mix: kompressorkanonen - Lost Beaches



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Thanks Penzoline, though it looks like the title of the post is still incorrect. Is no biggy, really, I'll just be more careful next time (maybe less bourbon while I post?). heheh


@Djuna: Yes, all the mixes stay online at the Goat Ranch as long as I can continue to afford to renew the hosting cost each year. :P Would love to have another one from ya!

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And thanks back to you, ponce! It's always good to receive positive feedback on the Ranch. It's a labour of love for me and I'd probably still do it even if no one liked it, but I'm glad folks are enjoying it as much as I am. :)

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