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"V/A - Under The Moss Vol. 2


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Title: Under The Moss Vol. 2

Label: Forest Freaks

Date: January, 2011


01 - Cookie Monster - Magic Drink

02 - DoHm - Yaga The Ring

03 - Re-Horakhty - Dungeon Keeper

04 - Schizoid Bears - Electronic Music

05 - P.Tale - Where Are You

06 - Cenotes - One Of Us

07 - DoHm - Technological Nightmare

08 - FungPung - Acceleration Deceleration


Man they have some cool covers. Following up on the success of Volume One, the sequel aims to take you back to those dark, impenetrable forests. Where creatures scurry at the sound of your footsteps and the trees are as old as time itself. Some of the usual suspects are here like DoHm and Cenotes, but most are projects I have never heard of. One thing they all have in common however is their country of origin. Lithuania. Still don't know where that is. Probably next to Rhode Island if I remember my geography right.



Magic Drink- The liquid sounds, the dripping, the eerie glass like pad... Oh yes this has all the makings of a big ocean of spooky. Throw in the fact it's made by "What the f*ck it this...oatmeal raisin?" Cookie Monster and all I see is epic win. Put your boots on and get your shovels there's lots of layers to dig through over the consistent bass line. There isn't one thing that stands out, but it's a brilliant way to start a comp. Feels like I'm being watched by ancient trees. Or a very paranoid muppet.


Posted Image

I'm not gonna take your sh*t. F*ckin' psycho.



Yaga The Ring- Oh DoHm...shaman of the forest...rain your deep bass sweeps and echoing forest creature sounds down upon us! Bubbling is a hallmark in this genre and this track has it covered. It's not an in your face track though, but one that serves as a sticky guiderail deeper into the mossy overgrown forest. Rather bengn actually. Mysterious yes, but not as foresty or dark as I was expecting.


Dungeon Keeper- "Your dungeon floor is lovely...order your minions to jump up and down."


Ummm...what? Unless his minions are all 38 DD's nymphos there is no reason to utter that sentence. It doesn't stop there. Because the sample offers the ever corny countdown. From ten. The synth is a metallic wall that is holding back the flood of fire with minute cracks appearing up and down it's expanse. The music itself isn't bad as it's nicely atmospheric, but the sample kills it for me. What is this...satan trance?


Posted Image

This is what my dungeon would look like.



Electronic Music- "At the moment there's certainly an increasing interest in electronic music."


Yes there is. After the vomit inducing autotune craze, now every song on the radio is borrowing from electronic music. Schizoid bears?


Posted Image

The gummy bear communtiy is a fanatical one of close knit allegiances. All it takes is one slip of the tongue and retribution is swift.


This music is dark and fits the idea that something cute like a gummy bear actually are homicidal maniacs. Sounds bubble and waver and if you think these bears are just delicious, well...


Posted Image

That's what the last guy said.


If that is not their debut album cover then they need a new PR man.



Where Are You- "Like a rainbow."


Weird sounds like you would expect from this music start this track off and it's spooky like clowns are spooky. Sure they're all bright colors and smiles now, but after an afternoon of phoning it in at the carnival, it's time for some real fun. Nightmarish synths oscillate as voices speak from the blackness. Man this is a trip gone horribly wrong. It undergoes several changes and man each corner is trippier than the next with layers of bad dreams. This one gets stronger as it goes on and is my favorite here.


One of Us- "Tonight...you will become one of us."


This project is a forest staple and all that I have heard has been very juicy. No exception here as it bubbles and has bark scorching leads that lay bare untold eons of evil and deception. They move up and down as soft pads serve as a perfect contrast to what's actually going on here. Every where you turn there is nothing but sinister cadre. They even have their mark


Posted Image

Holy sh*t...I think I just stumbled upon the universal symbol for a circle jerk.



Technological Nightmare- "It is the responsibility of man to control science and technology. Intruding into another humans dream...is a technological nightmare."


You can't stop DoHm, you can only hope to contain him. The nightmare he creates is full of squeaky synths, detuned sounds, and visions of the subconscious. This is wandering into someones mind and realizing they think of some f*cked up sh*t. Don't like that girl in your calculus class do you?


Posted Image

A little harsh don't you think? Just drop the class....



Acceleration Deceleration- FungPung. Sounds like I stepped in something. It starts slowly as some twisted creature crawls from the mire then in the blink of an eye it rockets to ludicrous speed. Well, not ludicrous, but faster. Large synth washes and skittering alien footprints echo down a long hallway full of demented souls. Love the deep crunchy sounds. There are numerous changes in tempo to maximize it's descriptiveability. Also makes it feel twice as long. I had to listen to this one a lot to take it all in.


I found the second half to be darker and more deeply detailed. It's still all good though. I hope they continue this series as it is some really good forest trance.





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