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Hallucinary & DJ Soulstone - Project X

DJ Soulstone

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Here is a project between me & Hallucinary started back in August. A journey through trance, psytrance and goa! Combining new-school and old-school, fast and slow, Downtempo and acid Goa...


EnjoyPosted Image


Mixed on a reloop + Numark Axis 2 CdJs & 2 CDJ 200s

Size:609 mb



Hallucinary (Part 1)


1.Logic Bomb – Dumbfound [TIP.World]

2.Fractal Glider - Earth Tremors [booM! Records]

3.Mouse On Mars – Froschroom [Too Pure]

4.Eat Static – Uforic Undulance [Planet Dog]

5.The Infinity Project – Time & Space [Dragonfly Records]

6.E-Mantra – Mindfluid [Altar Records]

7.E-Mantra – Hypnagogia [Altar Records]

8.Pigs In Space – Waterfalls [Phonokol]


DJSoulstone (Part 2)


9.Sephira - Where's My Map [MerKaBa Records]

10.Unusual Cosmic Process - Place On Earth [Lookinglook Records]

11.Astropilot - Scirocco (2011 Rework) [Neogoa]

12.Unusual Cosmic Process - Emotional Trip [Lookinglook Records]

13.Flooting Groves - Birds [Peak Records]

14.Beatfarmer - Dear Spirit [directly from producer...]

15.Atlas - Compass Error (Fluke Remix) [Plastica RED]

16.Fluke - Slap It (Untitled No. 3) [Appalooso]

17.Jaia - Out of Orbit (Vibrasphere Analog Tape Remix) [Tribal Vision Records]

18.Sephira - Life Changes [MerKaBa Records]


back with Hallucinary (Part 3)


19.Germinating Seeds Of Doda – No Hole [symbiosis Records]

20.Psyko Disko – Overdose [Flying Rhino Records]21.Electric Universe – Stardiver [Distance]

21.Electric Universe – Stardiver [Distance]

22.Afgin – Blue Sparkle [Old is Gold]

23.Artha – Insidelamp [Cronomi Records]

24.Tranan – Cluedo [TIP.World]

25.Purple & Lunar – Subtle Thrust [sub Terranean]

26.Etnica – Astral Way [blue Room Americas]

27.Moksha – Dope Limited Soul (Original Edit) [bochumer Ton Manufaktur]

28.GMS – Zombi Stomp [TIP.World]

29.Elysium – Wind Of Dust (Elysium & MOS Remix) [Elysium Self-released]

30.N.D.M.A. - Vitan [sub Terranean]


DJSoulstone to finish (Part 4)


31.Celestial Intelligence - Power of Mind [underground Alien Factory Records]

32.Lost Buddha - Transfiguration (Anti-Gravity) [Phototropic Records]

33.Lunar Dawn - The Run [underground Alien Factory Records]

34.Trinodia - Lasers and Demons [Neogoa]

35.Landscape Observer - Dream Flow Controls [Phototropic Records]

36.Elysium - Subconsciousness [Directly from him...]

37.Spectral - Kundalini [Avatar Records]

38.BlackStarrFinale - Is Pause No [Neogoa]

39.Jirah - Contact [Geomagnetic Records]

40.Misterious Wizard - Visions of India [Phototropic Records]

41.Toï Doï - Worm Twist [underground Alien Factory Records]

42.Toï Doï - Spiral Dive (2011 Remix) [underground Alien Factory Records]

43.Cybernetika - Devoid of Gravity [Ektoplazm]

44.Mindsphere - Presence [Neogoa]








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