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  1. come travel with Space Lichens to the next stop.... feel free to take a download and spread the psychonautics, http://soundcloud.com/spacelichens/next-stop http://spacelichens.bandcamp.com Space Lichens
  2. Greetings ! Here's a little mindbender up for download... Enjoy di vibes!! http://soundcloud.co...s/stromatolites REspect n oneness spacelichens http://spacelichens.bandcamp.com
  3. Psychotherapy...the talking cure. What are your thoughts? Does it work? Is it over-looked?
  4. today i bought Serge Gainsbourg - Aux armes et cætera on vinyl... classic
  5. done! nice to reflect on psychedelic life
  6. Greetings to all eyes, ears and minds! Just a little something to share, Journey to Eros and Eschaton EP - brought to you by Space Lichens http://spacelichens....os-and-eschaton http://soundcloud.com/spacelichens REspect n oneness
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