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blu-rays on computers


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I just got myself a blu-ray drive for my desktop, and thought I would want to try but it seems you need special software for that (and not just vlc or mpc :() and for some reason no disc or software came with it!!


Does anybody have any experience regarding this... I don't want to pay 80-100$ dollars for software that is totally unacceptable!




I have only found one free program DAPlayer and my anti-virus software want me to open it a sandbox... and it fails to read the movie... sucks!

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I am using BS Player PRO but i play blu-ray formats from hard drive, works perfectly. I am not sure could it play form player... you can check on their site:




BS player should download every codec you need after installation. Type that in search, maybe you can find solution :)

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Odd, if you buy a drive it should be just plug and play. What brand was it?


That was what I thought as well, but that is not the case. And yes the drive was easy to install, only problems was getting all the wires to fit :P. I can read CDs, DVDs and none commercial Blue-rays. It is the issue of playing commercial blue-ray discs that is challenging. It was the same problem for DVDs before the encoding was cracked. So when you buy a drive you have to be sure that it comes with a player, and I didn't check up on that. The problem also often is that the player provided (or so I have heard on the interwebs) is only valid for a short period and then they stop working :(


Maybe there is no legal alternatives that really works yet?! :ph34r:

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