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Lost & Found - Decoder


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Artist: Lost & Found

Title: Decoder

Label: 3D Vision

Date: June, 2011



1. Futurising

2. Chasing Radium

3. Disconnected

4. In Kontrol

5. Surface To air

6. Advance

7. Decoder

8. Perc5

9. Cutting Edge Science rmx

10. Division




Sometimes you have to take a step back for a fresh perspective. I got this awhile ago and after repeated listens I just wasn't...I dunno, getting it. Which really bothered me because all of his compilation efforts hit me right away. There is no question that this was one of the most anticipated releases on my radar. Gerhard Olivier from South Africa has long been dropping bomb after bomb of twilight madness with awesome leads and devastating power and insanity. He's one of those artists that make you stand up and take notice.


It's not like it's a calculus problem, but I just didn't get it.


That got me thinking that as smart as I think I am, there's a whole bunch of crap I don't get.


Posted Image

Wow you're lying straight as a board in different places. I do that to. Know what it's called? A nap. So then this led to


Posted Image

Turn your head 360 degrees then I'll be impressed doofus. Then this somehow led to this.


Posted Image

Oh for f*cks sake.



Posted Image

Who the f*ck wears these? If I wanted my feet to be slimy and smell bad I would step in dogsh*t.



Posted Image

Waaaahhh, Mommy and Daddy didn't hug me enough! I demand attention! Why on Earth would you do that to yourself? Congratulations, your only means of gainful employment is a carnival freak show.



So because I love the music that this artist produces I decided to rededicate my time and give this album the attention that it deserves.



Futurising- It's metallic sounding and begins with a gurgling of effects. And boy do those make the track! A hard driving bass line gives the track its foundation and it takes a very cyber-style theme that is prevalent throughout the whole album. With this one he doesn't come out and pummel you straight away, but builds his story. The acid comes over you in a wave that really gets the juices flowing. Didn't care for the repeated sample "compressing and equalizing" and the small buildup, but that's just what it was...small.


Ok, not his usual style, but let's see where he's going with this.



Chasing Radium- "Wow, it's already kicking in."


More Matrix style computer themes create the mood and the metallic sounds tumble down. It's cold and very science fiction with banging leads climbing and getting louder. The break descends under a loud alarm as momentum is gained. It's a little more aggressive than the opener, but not as powerful or dark as his compilation stuff. The finale is balls out good so there are flashes of what makes his tracks great.


Disconnected- This is more like it. The acid deluge was missing. The power is back and with a vengeance. Screaming leads fire like an M-16 and it's just an all out assault. No build ups or break downs, just get the f*ck out of the way.


Posted Image

Let's see...yeah this looks like a good parking spot.



In Kontrol- He spelled Control with a K so you know this is gonna be edgy. Sure it's a joke, but Gerhard ain't playin' around. A bass lead takes control and with this b*itch you go where it wants you to go. Lots of high tech futuristic sounds, but it's the leads that are the eye catcher if you will. Lasers and acid combine to make quite the toxic sandwich and the break brings a small measure of eerie silence. Ready for round 2?


Posted Image

Young Kevin Bacon...that's a paddlin'.



Surface To Air- "What makes you an exception?"


Could be my rapier like wit. Mr Ex-Gen stops by to lend a hand and it's actually more like a fist. Twisted leads and metallic shenanigans are knockin' out a few of your chicklets. High energy and very intense. And just like the last two tracks it remembered where it's dancing shoes were. The break allows it to gather itself and change direction. But the important thing is that that direction is a major ass kicking.


Posted Image

Lego on Lego crime...Can't we all just get along?



Advance- Britons talk funny and the opening sample is exhibit A. Don't get offended if you're British, it's the Queen's honest truth. Now excuse me whilst I run up the apples and pears to fix me boat.


More chaotic leads Gerhard is known for along with more of a nod towards darker techno. You know, I'm afraid I can't do that Hal type sh*t. He's got another break that drops the volume level as electronics hum and oscillate. Hated it. But then he drops a funky breakbeat and now I'm a happy panda. Very different indeed.


Decoder- Love the opening bit of computer dynamics, as this one grows into a hackers dream. Loads of computer sounds as well as crafty leads and a dark overtone. The effects are great as it gets torn down and then built right back up. Gotta listen to this one several times as there is a lot you could miss the first go round. Enjoyed it.


Perc5- Not gonna say much about this one because there really wasn't much to say. This is as close as Gerhard could come to filler I think. Nothing special about it.


What? You want more? Ok...


Posted Image

No Gerhard! No! Stay away from Nutek.



Cutting Edge Science- Azax? Really? He started making really dark stuff and then went on to dominate twilight music with some awesome compositions. Hagi Gat anyone? I even liked Evolution but lately he's gotten a little too close to the likes of Bliss and well what did you think was gonna happen? Well this is more of the same watered down full-on complete with SUN Project guitar. It has it's moments but not enough of them to hold a candle to the other tracks.


Posted Image

What happened to you Regev?



Division- Lots going on here. What started off as just another run of the mill psytrance track continued to build, gaining more power and taking a few turns. Not a big fan of the buildup at the end, but if you've read my reviews I never like buildups. So take it with a grain of salt. I would say the biggest gripe I have with this track is that it doesn't sound like something that Lost & Found would make. End is pretty cool though.



It really is one big hi-tech digital cyber tale that is unfolded in 10 parts. You can tell he still has that something that makes his tracks so powerful and moody. Dark and atmospheric yes, but even though I thought this CD was good, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. His compilation work is usually so epic that it stands out. While some of that was here, there were also a few that had me questioning whether it was him or not behind the decks. I would recommend it as even not at his best he is still miles above a lot of the stuff out there.










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And it turns out there are two bonus tracks on the digital version: Seraphim featuring Slug (I love that combination) and Lostism. Seraphim reminds me of CPU's Stupid Play (Vision of the Future, Apocalypse Records), which is a good thing. It has an eerie female voice floating around, some key changes here and there, and it's intense without being overwhelming. Lostism is quite hypnotic: it builds up and drops over and over again without losing its flow. Maybe not as hard as the average expectation for a Lost and Found track, but it definitely works.



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Gave this a spin recently and have to say it has gotten better with time. Especially with all the other crap masquerading as quality full-on. This is proper night time psytrance with a digital edge. Booming sound with acid explosions. I knew it was good when I initially reviewed it (all those gifs...why didn't someone stop me?), but it's better than that. Add the two supplemental digital tracks and as far as I'm concerned it's a must have.

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