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Track Id?


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give us the rest artists of this set

maybe is one them :ph34r:

at we least we can search in specific area of sound


That's a good idea, but all the other tracks are identified so...

There's no connection between them, space tribe, dimension 5, the delta, xerox, jaïa, quirk...

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Huh, I didn't hear the whole sample, just the lyrics 'we gonna make a song that you never heard before' and I remembered it. I didn't understand: if this is the sample, then you know the whole track and its title, don't you?


you're track used the same samples as mine, that's it I guess...

This sample with that sentence has been used around in lot's of tracks.

Like I mentioned before I also heard it in the 'theme track' of the Love parade around the millennium in Germany...

And that was a house track...

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I rephrase what i before said, i don't think is from any known goa trance act, but possibly from trance artist we won't generally think to. Although there are some parts that do sound goa-esque it is pretty much more trance than goa. That said many advices were given and i am a bit out of idea but u may have better luck asking in some eurotrance/trance forum... just saying

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This was never found, I also posted this on youtube but no luck. Sample is still online, maybe someday we will discover it and say the track name to the sky, someone may be listening..

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This is really starting to bug me too. What is distinctive about the sample is the way that the liquid acid bass is so prominent. One artist that I can think of with a similar sound to that is Radiotrance...


Anyone else struck by the similarities? Also not all the tracks on this release are on youtube, can somebody with the release check it out? http://www.discogs.com/Radiotrance-Полёт-Нормальный/master/235974

On second thoughts it seems unlikely. Loads of people could have made this release... Sideffect never said if he'd checked out the entire list of Vinyl-only goa tracks - there's a good chance that it's there.

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this was the track asked for:

it sounds like Radiotrance but the original poster said he checked all radiotrance tracks and it wasn't any of them.


I have contacted Radiotrance and the Artist said it was not a track of theirs, although it has similarities.

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