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Ukalen - Atriohm & Encephalopaticys


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This is an awesome album. The duo has restored my faith in dark psy; havent enjoyed an album so much since derango. There is engaging, groovy and the beats are perfectly pitched. not noisy, no annoying breaks . that is something that i have come to dislike big time in darkpsy. Which is why i couldn't enjoy Psykovsky's - da budet. i can make out a lot of thought has gone into most of the tracks. all dark psy heads should check it out, and others should listen with an open mind. :)

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I would have posted this earlier but I had to wait eons for it to arrive, oh well, all's well that ends well….

Atriohm is the product of two brothers, Leonid and Aleksandar Golcev who have been tearing an insane swathe of sonic carnage thru the psy-circuit since 2003. A familiar live project at festivals with many compilations under their belt.

Encephalopaticys is Vasko Velickovski who has since released ‘Psychotermic Meditation’ on Alkaloid back in 2006 (I urge you to have a listen, you will hear a remarkable progression). Since 2001 however he’d been DJing as Vaserman and around the same time as the forming of Atriohm is when Vaserman became Encephalopaticys.

What were witnessing is two projects at the top of their game and to have them collaborate on an album together is a dream come true, but enough of that lets prepare ourselves….


Plug in headphones

Light joint

Press play


Posted Image



1) Atriohm - Close to Nowhere - 147 bpm

2) Encephalopaticys - Error 11 - 148 bpm

3) Atriohm - Hybrid Synthesis - 148 bpm

4) Encephalopaticys - Untouchable Circle - 147 bpm

5) Atriohm & Encephalopaticys - Ukalen - 148 bpm

6) Atriohm - Perpetual Stargazing - 150 bpm

7) Encephalopaticys - Stopance - 150 bpm

8) Atriohm - Dejgidi - 149 bpm

9) Encephalopaticys - Upside Down - 147 bpm


Close to Nowhere - kicks off with a soup of murky atmospheres settling into a steady 4by4 then begins to pick up more textures as the track progresses further into the journey, then at about 3mins we really see what this trip holds in store for us. Great use of heavily staggered arpeggios, vocals and synths all combining to create a pretty awesome opener...


Error 11 - next up comes straight in with a great melody which keeps building then drifts off into other dark realms, which help to open this track out a little (that’s a good thing) By the time we get to 4mins we're hearing a pretty serious piece of sound manipulation, dropping into the closing takes us into a pretty chaotic scramble for order but don’t expect to find any.


Hybrid Synthesis - this track is very very deep and pulls some seriously haunting sounds out of the wazoo! Eeeextremely dark and organic with what sounds like Whale songs going off in the background but matching the twisted beat flawlessly and adding that air of spookiness to the ambience. Very organic sounding and great synth arrangement near the end, Atriohm doing what they do best.


Untouchable Circle - I love the way this track opens, reminds me of that creeking noise in GMS's Shrek, only much much darker :D in this track Encephals brings out a controlled arsenal of sheer madness which he sets about releasing onto us in an nightmarish way, not too hot on the tempo change at 4mins but it does help steer the track into a different direction which then comes right back by altering the approach of the first 4mins into the last 4 leaving us with a ending of EPIC proportions with lots of howling and wailing noises! Just what could be inside that circle...?


Ukalen - the title track belongs to Atriohm, roll up your sleeves for it's time to go to work! Much more different from his previous 2 tracks, this one has more of a driven hook and sweeping synth work crisscrossing the deep bass. Quite a funky melody in it too, till it gives way to a random array of sheer atmosphere of madness :D


Perpetual Stargazing - nicely leading, its Atriohm again, this is very danceable indeed with some truly demented sound experimentation going off. Pitch bends and weird vocals add to the sense of moving further down the vortex of a blackhole while sucking on a doomed star system along the way. And it tastes gooooood.


Stopance - weird name for a track...maybe its a mix between stop and dance? Whatever it means, it’s a fully charge mind tearing beast of a track. I really like this, creates the right amount of FUBAR for the listener till it backs off at 5mins and gives you a chance to run for your lives. However this beast is only toying with you and at 5.45 catches up with you with a low growl, Flinging you around for the next 2 and a half minutes. Class!


Dejgidi - building up sounds and layers is an art form and it’s stunningly displayed here.

Coming up to 4mins is fucking mental. I swear to god.

And what happens in the last four minutes is illegal.

Seriously good psychedelic right here man. Atriohm must have tweaked something coz my levels went nuts, and they rarely distort, but this track is pure eeeevil, so maybe my speakers got possessed o_O


Upside Down - taking us into the final abyssal drop of this album is a truly absorbing and insane mindfuck of a track. Really doesn’t let up any of the power of the last 8 and gives you a glimpse of what you came to see. Pure dark forest psychedelic, surreal and unpredictable. Opens with a vocal sample which shifts in and out of a sweeping acidic beat, a perfect track to close this top offering from Parvati!

Really, buy this album, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks Atriohm & Encephalopaticys you really made my march into summer a truly twisted one! Good work.



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