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"V/A - Midnight Storm 4 - Acid Rain"


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Artist: Various

Title: Midnight Storm 4 - Acid Rain

Label: Nexus Media

Date: December, 2010



1. imitations



2. degenerate



3. frequent smokers



4. unknown excess



5. all or nothing



6. de ja vu



7. bring your own bios - Ctrl Alt Del rmx



8. big acid binge



9. Moscow Cassiopeia



10. a devil's moon



11. eat this




South Africa. Nah, let's go larger. Africa. When I think of this continent, here is what I see:


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Posted Image








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Do you know that he suited up to play hockey for charity?



Look, I know that there is more to Africa than this, but this is what we are shown here in the USA. If you want to see wild animals and go on a safari, this is where you go. There is overwhelming hunger (which I believe industrialized nations share a responsibility) as well as nations that cannot seem to hold onto a government for more than 5 minutes. More recently there was something else. Wasn't there some type of tournament held in South Africa?


Posted Image


Where the hell was this when I was playing?



As great as that is, the best thing for us is in a town called Mowbray. Started in 2004 by sHiFt (Chris Hoy) and Slug (Liam Gibbs) they have been releasing some of the best high energy twilight music around. This is the 4th installment in their awesome Midnight Storm series compiled and mastered by Chris himself. There are several new recruits on the roster to go along with the old guard.


Imitations- Deliriant really impressed me with their debut Chemistry last year. Undercurrent percussion with a hammering bass line brings a very danceable acid lick that is pretty hot to the touch. The break cools things down and the track redoubles its efforts. The end puts it all together with a cool melody as the beat grinds it out. Great start.


Degenerate- Cybernetix is one of those young guns I was referring to (and his tracks have been pretty storming) and here he joins with Deliriant. This is another slow evolver that sticks and moves. It hits with some powerful stabs and acid washes to get the filth off you (or maybe on you). The lead is another funky back breaker that implores dancing. Once again the break allows for some reorganization and the track ends well. I felt it hit its stride at the midway point, but still very good.


Frequent Smokers- This is the definition of heavy hitters right here. Absolum and sHiFt have consistently rocked the socks off of people so I have set the bar very high indeed. Ain't long until the beat drops and if the acid doesn't wet you, the lasers will. This is also a teaser, giving you enough to sate the hunger, but holding back until the end. The last minute and a half bring the noise to satisfy even the most hungry. Great track.


Unknown Excess- This is the track that I have been waiting for these 2 co-owners to produce. It's dirty, insistent, and you can tell it is building towards something big. The acid leads at the end are so juicy, be careful you don't want none of that in your eye. The only negative about this track was that it was so short. Still, more of this please!


All or Nothing- Another young buck who brings the funky bass line and lead that rips the groove like the thong in your girlfriends underwear. Ohhh that acid! It's raining motherf*ckers! The soft melody allows the lungs some much needed oxygen, but it won't be enough, because he launches right back into the mayhem. Awesome track!


De Ja Vu- Cybernetix again and he's twisting you like a pretzel with his groovetastic leads. The middle is like a place holder but very psychedelic and unfortunately loses some steam. After the sample it just doesn't seem to be able to recover. Good, but not the best.


Bring Your Own BIOS (Ctrl Alt Del Rmx)- I love it when people remix a Hux Flux track because they usually make it better. Personal opinion people, put down the pitchforks. And what we have here is some twisted sh*t. Sample laden with some IM influences. This leans on the tech-trance side for me with lots of stops and starts and there is even a buildup. Not impressive, so I usually skip this one.


Big Acid Binge- Conscious Chaos also released a gem right up there with Speedball and Deliriant in Divine Justice . Ever strangle a duck? I imagine that's what the opening lead would sound like before the acid showers the mind. The leads begin to combine and the groove picks up. The break allows the evil to gather steam, but the buildup kills some of the sting for me. Thankfully it's pretty short and the track finishes strong.


Moscow Cassiopeia- A trio of yutes combine on this effort. It's pretty aggressive and funky to boot. That lead is sneaky and I would swear some turntablism was found here. Nice. The Asian sample reappears (no idea what that is from) but the groove is not gone for long. Just a good dance track. Great job.


A Devil's Moon- Mantis is none other than Chris Hoy in disguise who had an absolute cracker on the last Midnight Storm compilation called Self Deception. This was also released on the Mantis EP Dark Planet. Dark themed right from the get go, he drops a 303 in there with some other cool leads. Great rhythm piling up the sounds as only he can do. The only beef I have with this is the cheesy spoken word about the Devil's Moon. Apart from that, awesome stuff.


Posted Image


Tom knows the deal.



Eat This- More sHiFt goodness as he sh*ts on the idea of a downtempo track. The bass line is deeper than the other tracks, but the acid is just as sweet. There are dark synth washes and the beat is just punishing. With a little more techno involvement the beat rages on, with interesting phrases and tempo changes.



You know what you are getting when you put this on. Pure twilight music full of acidic insanity, heavy beats and frenetic energy. The sound is immense and crystal clear; basically what you have come to expect from this series. I highly recommend this as it further cements Nexus Media as one of the best labels in psytrance today and sHiFt as one of the best producers our scene has. With releases like this I suppose we have to forgive South Africa for this:



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I still haven't got it. This week I guess. Can't wait!!!


I have it already... but now I have no furniture left :D


highly recommendable




(I have been playing at home with (almost exclusively) my nexus, timecode, mmd and disasterpeace music and... I'm so happy!!!


Ohh and I saw Shift live @ hard-club in Porto @ NYE. A 90 minutes live act (but I have to say that only the second half was that powerfull)

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