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Brainwash - Maximum Overload


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Artist: Brainwash
Title: Maximum Overload
Label: Fractal Records
Date: October, 2010

1. Simple Imagination
2. Electric Stimulation
3. I'm hard bass creator
4. Don't Panick
5. Maximum Overload
6. The Advice
7. Psychological Dependancy
8. Freak
9. The End

Do you like multiple incessant buildups? Frequent stops and starts without any flow whatsoever? Then, this is for you! The fact that this is out of stock at Beatspace can only lead me to conclude that we have seen the decline of civilization as we know it. Who the f*ck does this appeal to? It's loud, abrasive, and so generic that I think the cover should look more like this:


I sat through this entire album and am thinking of filing suit. Surely compensatory damages apply here. Just when you think that our music has turned a corner and ceased releasing this drivel along comes the next purveyor of Taco Bell to back up the toilet. Normally when I come across an album that is subpar, I usually try to lean on the positives. I cannot do that unfortunately as this album falls into cliche after cliche in each track. It's easy to criticize especially when I don't make music myself, but if slamming your finger in a car door hurts, you don't keep doing it. To protect the guilty, I will not reveal his name (bullsh*t it's Marco Pinto) and his last album was far from great, but this commercial effort takes craptacular to a whole different level. This is the same label that released Bio Rhythm from Sidhartha, right? What the hell happened? For God's sake the cover itself has a silhouette of a guy with a gun to his head. What does that tell you?

I think reviews are supposed to be entertaining and fun to read, but I'm not mean and will not continue to pile on this poor guy who has obviously fallen asleep at the wheel.

Ok, one more.


"Are You Not Entertained?!?"



Saiko Sounds


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[OffTopic - Not a review]




It's a conspiracy I tell you! I haven't quite figured it out yet but this shit is released by purpose for some demonic reason to filter out folks or something something I donno.


Look. As you mentioned the silhouette (nice glowing cover btw) is of a guy holding a gun to the head. The title is Maximum Overdrive (title and content in co-op, success? - Or is Mental Overdrive supposed to be a positive term? e. sorry, I meant Maximum Overload). The artist name is Brainwash. And the music is as you said (all these three points combined. *Gun to head *Mental Overdrive *Brainwash.


I haven't and don't intend to listen to this music voluntarily, but from your description it reminds me of this release: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/55667-wicked-wires-aka-delysid-magnetic-memoirs-geomagnetictv-darkstar/#entry931187


*But mister trance2MoveU, may I ask a legit question in the artist’s psychedelic defense. Have you dropped a 250 + mic drop and experienced this album first hand? No. Then I may say you don't know what you're talking about :P :P <- emphasis on the :P's


Now at least Osom, Psykovsky and the Peace for the Wicked know how to do these tricks that the above artists are trying to achieve.


Now for something funny and nice: http://wimp.com/curiousbear

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The review for the Wicked Wires CD was spot on. Same type of nonsense.


Now, having never tripped on LSD or done cocaine maybe I am missing the boat and quite possibly this is to psytrance what IFO was to Goa. But if that is what it takes to make this music listenable, then...well...





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So you disagree with the promo?


This new batch of mind blowing compositions will just leave you speechless. There are many artist out there but few of them will bring you the level of surprise Brainwash delivers. You don't notice it immediately, no, it's much more subtile. It starts slowly, as if the sound iteslf was afraid to come out. Yet, since the very first note, it catches you. And it catches you deep. Track after track, you feel like Brainwash has opened a brand new door in your psychedelic journey.

Reminds me of psyreviews reviews, gave me a chuckle. :D

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