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Which "Classic Album" should be re-released?


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Planet B.E.N - Future Trippy Garden


Also, I'm dreaming of a KoxBox box set (they could call it The KoxBox!) This would contain all their album, EP, and 12" releases up to The Great Unknown, including the unreleased Live At Burning Man 1996 set.


It's a shame there's just not the market to make reissues really viable. I'm a sucker for vinyl and would love to see vinyl reissues of some of the classics in addition to the CD format.

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Goa-Head i suppose it's possible that, back then, there were so many cd around that some remained unsold and just for the records, dimension 5 was not considered top notch essential killer back then but just "one of the many".

The fact Joske re-released the album makes me think he knows what he types because i am sure he asked the guys of dimension 5 the numbers. :). I think it's even possible the LP maybe was pressed in more copies than the cd. it happened that too back then (many more dj with vinyls than with cd)

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Planet B.E.N - Future Trippy Garden


Was released in 2003 :unsure:


Thanks, I didn't know it had been re-released. Now I see it was a bonus disc with the 'Test' album.

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