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  1. Thanks, I didn't know it had been re-released. Now I see it was a bonus disc with the 'Test' album.
  2. Planet B.E.N - Future Trippy Garden Also, I'm dreaming of a KoxBox box set (they could call it The KoxBox!) This would contain all their album, EP, and 12" releases up to The Great Unknown, including the unreleased Live At Burning Man 1996 set. It's a shame there's just not the market to make reissues really viable. I'm a sucker for vinyl and would love to see vinyl reissues of some of the classics in addition to the CD format.
  3. How did you find this one Time_Trap? A while back I picked up a number of Robert Anton Wilson's books. A few months ago I read The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which I really enjoyed. Being a bit of a sucker for conspiracies that was a great read. And it works on multiple levels too in terms of telling a story but encoding all these different concepts and ideas in the story. One of those books you feel like you could read several times and continue picking up new things from. Of course there are so many books to read and only so much time so it is always a dilemma: re-read something because you love it, or will learn more from it, or move onto something new? I also got the Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy - similar to Illuminatus in being fiction designed to make you think, and Prometheus Rising, which is more in the vein of the one you read as it is about how the human mind works and what you can do to make the most of it. I'm yet to read these.
  4. I have been thinking back on how my tastes in music have changed over time. Once upon a time I was a metal head, but that is another tale. Specific to Psytrance, I first got into Goa towards the end of the 90s. I'd been exploring various forms of psychedelic music and discovered this new world of electronic music. It was a really exciting time and did good things to my brain. Over time I found myself listening to a whole range of different types of music and found myself not listening to Goa/Psy as much, but I would pull it out on occasion and enjoy it. Some of these times I found myself exploring some of the classic older releases from the past that I hadn't heard as well as filling in what had happened more recently. Looking back I now realize I had a very narrow focus on what I was expecting from the music. I was only seeking out the really storming brain-kicking tracks and anything else I would not listen to. (Even on I.F.O I would usually only play Electra and Asterope ) Moving forward to about 18 months ago my interest in electronic music was seriously rekindled. For whatever reason suddenly this music truly clicked with me in a way it never had before and the true exploration began. And I found that I was listening to things with a new set of ears - perhaps through the passing of time, my own maturing (well...!) and life experiences, listening to other types of music - no doubt a whole range of factors that go into making up who we are and what we bring to the music when we receive it via our sensory organs. I now chuckle when I think back to the version of me with the different pair of ears. As an example I remember years ago playing Dragon Tales by KoxBox, and never giving it a proper serious listen because it didn't fit my expectations at that time. More recently I revisited the album, giving it a proper serious listen and it ate my mind! It has become a favourite and continues to grow for me with all its subtlety, complexity, and detail, and I marvel and wonder at how a few years ago I had this stellar album but an incompatible brain and pair of ears at the time. It has been a wonderful experience rediscovering this music, and almost like it is the first time as I am appreciating a much wider sense of dynamics in the music, and I find myself enjoying a more complete spectrum of music and the emotions it can evoke. I've also branched out, not just in the different forms of Goa/Psy, but into other forms of electronic music that wouldn't have appealed to that funny pair of ears I used to call my own. I wanted to tell this tale of two sets of ears, and would be interested to hear how other people's tastes and approaches to listening/thinking about music have changed, or perhaps if you have found the opposite and things have remained the same for you over time.
  5. An exciting afternoon with packages from a Discogs Marketplace order and a Saiko Sounds order arriving today:
  6. Neither hidden nor lost but no doubt a gem: Psychopod - Headlines EP
  7. I discovered Psy/Goa in the late 90s. Despite occasional forays over the years I never delved deeply into it until about a year ago when everything clicked and I fell truly and hopelessly in love with this music. It has been quite a year of exploration and discovery. I'm not sure I have the collection or knowledge to offer a Top 10 list by genre but the following, in no particular order, are the 10 albums of the 00's that I've listened to the most: Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden Derango - Tumult Distant System - Spiral Empire Haltya - Forest Flavour Ott - Blumenkraft Shaolin Wooden Men - Supermindway Gi'iwa Productions - VA - Schizm Atmos - Headcleaner Spirallianz - Blast Food Furious - Uncanny Beats
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