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this mix was realized for the hunab ku contest mix, courtesy of marsh of the goat ranch USA.

it's a mental mix with some of the most wicked tracks i found in my collection, assembled just with the purpose to give the idea that psytrance should be diversified and varied and that to create a psychedelic mix one has to dare.


so have a good listen and see if u can identify the tracks in it :). i am sure some of you can. the tracklist will be posted later on. no mysteries!

i also enclose the description i gave for the contest:


The mix is structured in this way, and is conceptual (track number followed by a description):


1 the intro, one of my favourite pieces ever of electronic music, is simply terrifying. as my mind is.


the acid part


2 a track from 1994, a monstrous stormer, a secret well kept, obscure purple vinyl (a real gem).

3 a track from a known composer but strangely enough it never made it on any cd. a b-side, but what a track.

4 this is the mystery track i love most, is just insane beyond sanity, the sample is simply perfect and for the rest, hear it, i have no words to describe it. also a vinyl-only track. incredible it never made it anywhere else.


the insanity part


5 one funny story about this track. i started hunting for this track back in 99, i heard first from a guy in india who sent it to me while we were trading unreleased and it was really a mystery for a looooong time. until i got it identified by a swedish guy, because well, he was the guy who made it and asked me how i got it, since i used it in a mix of mine and he somehow listened to it. it is somehow sort of unreleased cause it was given around to friends on some cdr the artist compiled and never properly released, but circulated a lot and many knows it nowadays.

6 at this position i had in mind to place a track by magus, i have dozens but simply couldnt decide, i burned 5 of them on a cdr and tried to mix them with the previous.. none worked, until i got an illumination, a revelation from above… what if i place here that insane track i always planned ot use in a mix? maybe is it too crazy.. hmm maybe not.. marsh told me to experiemnt.. and there we go! have a GOOD LAUGH. this track is a stomper… i couldnt really pitch it down as it would have sounded much less interesting. so enjoy it at regular (155) speed.. lol.

7 the end of the insanity part.. a fantastic freaking funny finnish track by a VERY talented musician and bass player (the final part was played live i have been told). this track is based on a incident happened on a heavy metal concert where someone threw a sausage to a very famous band while playing (cant remember who but in the caliber of motorhead or metallica). this guy unfortunately released only 2 tracks buyt made like dozens, i have only like 10 but i know he made many more. he is very famous in the finnish trance communities.

8 the end of the insanity part is with one wicked sample, you will hear. is one of the first piece of moog made music i ever heard in my life, i think i was 7 when i first heard it and i immediately fell in love with this. i had to use it.


the goan part


9 and at the end i couldnt bring on the full goan energy that connects us all, so here is a stomper track that is somehow a transiction from the previous part, is still a bit wicked but it surely has a goan sound to it. just released on vinyl this one.

10 a very nice psychedelic piece courtesy of a french guy, vinyl only.

11 a beautiful track that was also vinyl only but this one u can easily recognize made by who ; ). although i hope u never heard it.

12 the surprise of this week, a french track that is nowhere to be found if not on a ep we have in 2 only in discogs and that was never distributed anywhere else than in south of france. such a shame. but here i come to bring you a smile with a perfect conclusion to this essay.




enjoy and let me know if u dig it!

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penzoline: the last track is a superb track isnt it ? is a track almost nobody has unfortunately, a unknown french project that i discovered only recently :/


They released 2 ep only on vinyl and nothing else (and they are insanely rare as they were sold only in the south of france in a few shops in 97-99).


Will reveal the track-listing a little later

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Damn Draeke, truly awesome mix with some heavy hitting tracks, some awesome and funny samples and an absolutely grand ending! I like!


Edit: really curious about the tracklist ^^

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1 Walter Carlos - A Clockwork's Orange Theme

2 Purple Plejade - Realms

3 Eco - Delhi Dancer

4 Hiscore - Identify

5 FLYH - Psylocibin Disaster

6 Miranda - Blue Grass

7 Omituisten Otusten Kerho - Flying Sausage

8 Walter Carlos - Timesteps (Excerpt)

9 Aeternum - Chainsaw

10 Underhead - Whirlrain Of Water

11 Ohm - Sky Diver (Green Nuns Of The Revolution Remix)

12 Uni-Vers Concept - Phase One



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Since the sendspace link is expired, here is the place where to download it :




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