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SynSUN - Full Power Of Goa (Phototropic Records)

Jon Cocco

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SynSUN - Full Power of Goa

Phototropic Records



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01 - Clinical Experiment (6:50)

02 - Purgatory (1:23)

03 - Spider's Llullaby (12:01)

04 - Hoffman's Delivery (10:57)

05 - Diver (9:54)

06 - Deep (7:56)

07 - Dancing Shiva (6:22)

08 - Sun Downward (6:58)

09 - Ambient Sun (7:19)



This is a great Psychedelic Goa-Trance album. Produced in 2000 and not officially released at the time. The album has been Re-Mastered. It is also SynSUN's best Goa album album to date IMO.


I will add more to the tracks soon. It's Christmas Eve and I'm trying to do many things in one day. :)



01. Clinical Experiment has many nice sounds, a well crafted braiding rhythm, and more. Little sound particles meet others; a dynamic, little Goa particle dances for attention around numerous other attractive ingredients. The work is fairly subtle, without sonic streams or an individual melody that stands out so much. My only gripe is that the melody/sound work isn't that memorable. It has some really nice sounds that blend together extremely well. I just wish there was more zest, evolution to it. Pretty good track. B-


02. Purgatory is a tiny interlude to the next track. It's so short, I can't even rate it.


03. Spider's Llullaby improves in melody/sound work from the opening. It's great, very catchy, and has numerous, tasty rhythms that develop as the song progresses. B+


04. Hoffman's Delivery starts off pretty good. Suddenly in the third to forth minute, the track becomes excellent, and maintains its strong direction for the rest of the track until the wonderful evolution towards the end. Awesome work. A


05. Diver is another strong vehicle, filled with upbeat, zip-lifting melodies, sounds, creating a sweet and playfully fun rhythm that becomes more emphasized as the song progresses. It's not a masterpiece, but it's great nonetheless. A-


06. Deep is one of the darker tracks on the album. The first several minutes are superb, like a powerful dragon let loose right out of the demon's gate. As with Hoffman's Delivery, the song has strong and dynamic melody/sound work. The tone here is more aggressive, intense than virtually all songs on the album. The last few minutes seem less refreshing than the first two thirds, but the artist adds enough ingredients to keep this one on interesting, driving, and engaging. Excellent number! A-


07. Dancing Shiva is my least favorite song since the opening. It sounds less complex than the other tracks, a bit older, production wise than the others too. Nonetheless, the song has a stand out sound, melody emphasis, and drive. Incorporates are nice, ethnic Goa touches. A decent to pretty good track. Nothing superb. B


08. Sun Downward appears as if it is (or could be) a remix of one of the song's from SynSUN's debut (the album with the big, red devil on the cover). This is so much catchier I feel. The bass line, altered sound/melody work is superb. A-


09. Ambient Sun is a great mid-tempo ending. It doesn't have the most memorable melody lead, but the overall song is enjoyable, smooth, light, and upbeat from start to finish. Strong closing track. B+



In conclusion, this is one of the most solid post 2000 Goa albums to date. No track is less than good. Track 1 and 7 are decent, pretty good at best, and they alone don't come close to have great this album is. I ordered the album online for around 10 dollars, brand new, reasonable, and it took about a week to receive. This is one of the best albums of 2009 and a rare gem in Psychedelic Goa-Trance. I wish SynSun produced more music like this now days because it's so much fun to listen to (colorful, psychedelic, catchy), rather than Full On, which has basically done nothing innovative for years IMO. Full Power of Goa is a colorful, creative, psychedelic, and fun trip that tastes better as it progresses. The only thing I wish is the artist included a Goa-influenced downtempo number in the end, but the Mid-Tempo closing number is good/great. This album is highly recommended for Psy/Goa fans.



Favorite tracks - 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.








Sample / Order / Buy


Click on the track title to sample it here: http://www.phototropicrecords.com/synsunfullpowerofgoa.php


http://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=114152 (Kunaki Credit card payment)


http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=114152&PP=1 (Kunaki Paypal payment)




Wow. It's only $6.99 on Amazon MP3 downloads?! I just saw this now. They should be 99 cents a track IMO, and even I try to save money. The cover's very cool btw. I bought the actual album.



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Is it available in a cd format?

Can you find it in psyshop, saikosounds or beatspace?


There's your answer.


Filteria – Remixes & Unreleased is also not available on CD, and not available in psyshop, saikosounds or beatspace. But it got reviewed instantly. So this cannot be the reason.

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Filteria – Remixes & Unreleased is also not available on CD, and not available in psyshop, saikosounds or beatspace. But it got reviewed instantly. So this cannot be the reason.


I don't disagree, but for many reasons Filteria is a known artist in this forum.


What I'm trying to say is that not many listeners are checking the labels' promotional area.

Most of the psy listeners that still buy music check the news list of psyshop, saiko, beatspace etc.


In short, you have to advertise this release more.

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This is a great release and deserves more attention. That is all.

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Buy it on iTunes.


Cuz this score breaks up stagnation. ;)

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It's not often I disagree with Jon, but this album doesn't seem to hold up IMO. Perhaps it's the choice of sounds (like the lead in Dancing Shiva) or the lack of evolution in tracks like the closing Ambient Sun. Other tracks are all over the place like Spider's Lullaby and Hoffman's Delivery. They seemed more like a bunch of sketches that they attempted to tie together. Clinical Experiment is the only one that stuck with me. It's a face melter with driving melodies that will leave you gasping for air. Damn near a perfect track IMO and the only track that hits all the sweet spots.

The tracks are decent, but other than the opener I wouldn't feel the need to play them again.



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