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Why they get no mention?


Lightflow, 1997, one of the best "psychill" albums I've heard! Just check this!


Part: Second, 2000, great chilled goa trance album. Acoustic Plantation Releases, 2004, really great chillout CD again.


The rest of their music is pretty good what I heard but I didn't listen to it enough yet.


BTW is anyone here have their first 2 CDs for sale?


Edit: I just found they are part of Sundial, now I need to listen to these albums ASAP! :drama:

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Guest neurogen

its a damn shame that these guys dont get no mention on psynews.


their album Power Liquids is a masterpiece! just check out Luvs Frequency Spectrum .. amazing goa

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Aural Planet are (were) very good. Brilliant music from the very start, whether it's goa trance (their beginning), and later chillout/downtempo music. In time the project and the group morphed into Sundial and later Sundial Aeon. You can find my reviews of their Sundial/Sundial Aeon albums here in the review section.


Soon a new Sundial Aeon albums called "Mimesis" will be released. You can find a teaser of it here (a track called "Hanuebu", taken from the upcoming album):



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I can not believe I had been missing this delicious sound.


Lightflow is a pleasure to listen to in the same vein of Mystery of the Yeti and Mystical Experiences


@Neurogen: Thanks for bumping the thread!

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The stuff is repetative with one melody going on the whole track. They can add as many special effects as they want, when there is only one melody repeated the whole track, the track will still be boring. I can't understand the lack of creativity so there is need to repeat one melody the whole track. I see that in lot's of tracks posted mainly by smaller artists and the reason they are smaler is because they are repeative. IIt does not make sence to use one melody in a track being longer than 8 minutes.

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Guest neurogen

there are tons of great and wonderful tracks that are using the same basic melody throughout the whole track.

as long as there are different layers added on top, breaks, etc, so what?


like 50% of goatrance is that way, wtf are u talking about radi.

everytime i see a comment of urs i get upset. im going to ignore you on this forum from now on. literally.

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you may get upset or not Neurogen, I am not typing this in order to make you angry. I understand that using one melody can sound well in some tracks and people like it, but not most goa trance is like that. People complain aobut the simplicity of the tracks by Boris Blenn but almost any Boris Blenn track has several different melodies. Astral Projection, MFG, Boris Blenn and several artists more use the following patterns.


Intro with very simple melody and bassline - first minute with kickdrum and filtersweeps - first simple melody for one minute - more complex melody at the second part - bassline with filtersweeps - most complex melody.

(Rainbow Spirit - Sirius shuttle - Elecric Universe - Sunset Skyline - Hallucinogen - Dark Magus


The other common pattern:

Intro - first minute with filtersweeps - main melody part for one or two mintues - middle melody part often with keychange - main melody part with many synths layered at the same time

(Ap - Liquit Sun - AP - Mahadeva 99


The third pattern

Intro - first minute with filtersweeps - main melody in simple form - second part with filtersweeps or break - main melody with big variations

AP - Another world - Electric Universe - Stardiver


I accept all those pattern for building a goa trance track, but I do not accept any track that contains of only one melody played for 8 minutes or more without big variations, this ihas ntohing to do with creativity but with lazyness, if I had the right headphonesand a confortable computer setup with big screen and confortable chair I could right tracks like that in two days, which contain one melody and have a break in the middle of the track. I don#t want to sound arrogant or sound like I am a good artist, I have been critisized for not being very good but in my opinion any artist that uses only one melody without variation for 8 minutes is a lazy artist. Especially not when it comes to ambient music, what should Simon Posford, the Infinity Project, Blue planet Corp or Ott think aobut one simple melody playing for 8 minutes with two strings in the background, a break and a few filter automations written for cuttoff and resonance filter, such automation clips are written in 1 minute for each filter of the melody channel.

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