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VA - YggdraSounds - 16.July 2008


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VA - YggdraSounds - 16.July 2008


1. Konkylie - Underwater

2. Procs - Open Up

3. Krussedull - Banana Boat

4. Hutti Heita - EQ 4 U

5. Zoolog - Maria Johanna

6. Hutti Heita - Twisting the Night Away

7. Alter Egon & Loke - Spectral Ghost

8. Loke - Riding Bridges

9. Derango - Ginnungagap



Hello all!


I'm not used to write reviews, but after searching the forum for this album and nothing came out I felt I was forced to announce it. Actually it is only because of one track: Krussedull - Banana Boat.


IMHO that track was the best of 2008!


For samples:




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V/A - YggdraSounds (Yggdrasil Records) 2008 (YGGCD002)


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1. Konkylie - Underwater 8:42

2. Procs - Open Up 8:45

3. Krussedull - Banana Boat 9:05

4. Hutti Heita - EQ 4 U 8:32

5. Zoolog - Maria Johanna 6:46

6. Hutti Heita - Twisting The Night Away 9:09

7. Alter Egon & Loke - Spectral Ghost 7:52

8. Loke - Riding Bridges 8:31

9. Derango - Ginnungagap 7:11


1. Deep thundering bubbles streaming towards the surface to catch that essential breath of air while whispering play and static signals pushes the mentality to higher grounds where coral reeves and watery insects crackle their claws of demonizing selection. A wave deliciously shushes over your skull while life evolves from the depth of sea up to the land of me. Radio-activeness play a lovely tune, it’s moist like tears of pixies in fruitful trees. Bassline is fine, oh so fine. Sounds cooperated like nature itself was composing this tune from a delightfully confused loon. Sea ghosts scream their pirate signals, fog rolls within your heart of self-inflicted farts. The energy rises up to a land filled with haunting sorrow. Freaks are bleeping their colourful fleets, the rocks being formed by crushing waves as life begins to breathe with the help of pulsating heartbeats in astonishing patterns of trembling life. *****


2. Silence creeps, selection sleeps and drops of frosty acid makes one freak in all that we seek. Ping-pong’s travel in holy rooms where dragons breathe in silent corners. Life stretches their arms and waves the stream of pumping life into that opened up spiral, move those crooked limbs like chimps. Gone are the settled beats and hurray we welcome the stomper fest like it was a never ending test. Crackling beetles, jumping crickets and fishing trolls play through a dark yet shining and green forest full of leafs and sticks. Incredible, the sparkling firecrackers spin around your newborn being fresh out of the sea like tingling spiders and playful ticks. All around in flattering patterns they fly high and low in the forest below. Magic becomes as trolls start to hymn fast along the activated song. What a dance, what a joy! - Forest magic at its finest. *****


3. Warning roaming rockets doming signal squeak in flair, sounds push the foundation stare while insects tingle and wind blows through silverware. Crunchy plate of selected confusion, melodies scattered like a fine platter full of ghosts and other freaky moist of lost toys. Apes swing through trees, many autumn leafs of the thieves is to dine on the line with the sane. Inside caves there are light generated by the smallest organisms ready to evolve, grow and become funky melodies based on hypnotizing dance which definitely takes you into a wonderful trance. Only thing I don’t love about this track is the weird factor of the haunting voice, its intriguing for sure yet it keeps on annoying me more then it trigger those lovely synesthesias. ****


4. Continues sturdy in the previous tracks tempo, phased and sturdy. It has moved from the slippery Banana Boat into the miracle world of EQ 4 U where the sounds are surrounding you all around creating that authentic and impressive YggdraSound space right up in your face. .. Then more of the weeded out and haunted tricks to make your eyes flicks comes along to show. Such beautiful production, such massive control of the insecticide bleeps and beeps, tingeliding-tingelitang-dang, what a tiring sang. ***


5. Story changes direction as we cross over to a Zoological space which seems like a race to create what is the not so fast and not such an entranced theater of side winding effects where harsher winds and tumbling woods mold. Bassline has its ups and down as the harder rock mashes in the ghostly mood of break-beatable animal food. New dishes, are we cooking hunted game for Maria Johanna, I thought she was a vegan because this for sure has meat on the skeleton bones, too bad it seems staled and unfocused about where to be served and how to be eaten. **


6. After a meal like this it’s time to put on your rocking shoes, twist the knobs to create chicken slacks so that the night might become impressive the way the way the way we like it to sound. It has to be mentioned many times, the basslines of these Yggdrasil guys are key for their attraction together with sexy butterflies flying all over your presence trying to grab your hornyfied persona. Oh yes, the basslines are like huge comfortable sofas ready to be ridden like a phat horse with ghostly wings. She needs a spanking this blonde horse, yes of course. So let’s twist the night away inside fluorescence walls close by 50’s shopping malls where alluring beats call. ***


7. Something is overheating, could it be the stove, is the radiation Ok? Strong beams travels past, cosmic in sense and sparkling as well as dense. Bassline kicks sturdier with a mission clear at sight for this is a set-up for unrolling brilliance followed by sneaking peaking with seashells breaking along a forest trail of anti-fail, look! Is that a snail? … A travelling piece for sure. ***


8. As the intensified rolling bass and kick flights the fight with hysterical insects of the Yggdraforest, a motorcycle of kind sweeps thorough presenting heavier stomps to shake our romps. Laughing matter is a something we all need for without it there cannot be seeds to feed a trolling shoaling. Building bridges is hard work, it isn’t easy to cross the water one was born in, or a gap you have fallen inside before. It takes courage and strong will to climb those clouds to attach the wiring and bricks necessary to keep a bridge stable and firm. - Stressing, impressive and most of all, boring in its chaotic beauty as summer breeze and birds song shine on through the tree leafs high up in the mushroom sky. **


9. As the end nears more haunting is presented to climb the creaks of ghostly pain which might make someone insane one day. In good sense and respectful gesture the last act from a Swedish crack brings the YggdraSounds higher to a screaming plateau of flying shadows and smelly meadows without spotted cows that wows. In this poetic justice, I’m feeling a tad rustic; must these tunes be so freaking endearing and sin-searing? **


Recommendation: Yggdrasil Records fast became with this release an respected and well thought of record label, where others focus on mad tunes for the forest Yggdrasil takes it’s binding roots and gives us in YggdraSounds a compilation full of muddy Mosstrance delivered from the ocean bottom, their sequel (which I managed to review before this release) showed how they manage to create an entertaining travel from water based life forms to the land of the forest floor and if we are lucky, the third YggdraSounds release will take us up to the sky for more airfoil’ish tunes with loads of fresh breezes and feelings of flying without effort. Who knows?


It’s definitely worth the mention that this time as on the follow up the breathtaking art & design is made by the talented Are Marmelade, and the mastering is done by the legendary Tim Schuldt.


Check this album out for some extra special forest trails full of controlled and confused delicateness.



Rating 3.2/5




On 2010-03-05 04:33:49, psytones wrote:

V/A - YggdraSounds (Yggdrasil Records) 2008 (YGGCD002)



Check this album out for some extra special forest trails full of controlled and confused delicateness.



Rating 3.2/5



I'm sorry that I managed to rate this album 3.2 out of 5 stars. What should be noted is that I made an equation out of the scores I made while writing the 'so called' review. In all fairness this album with it's single track ratings needs and deserves a 1 star bump.


So my more or less Official rating would be 4.2/5




bOm bhOleNaTh,


Kabootar :-)




Where to buy and other links:

Yggdrasil: http://www.yggdrasilrecords.net

YggSpace: http://www.myspace.com/yggdrasilrecs

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/Yggdrasil+Records

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=NFIEPGADBHOC?showDetail=201129

Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4336

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7423

psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ygg/ygg1cd002.html

Play.com: http://www.play.com/Music/MP3-Download-Album/4-/13680799/YggdraSounds/Product.html

Juno.co.uk: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/321299-01.htm?highlight=YGGDRASOUNDS

More moist reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic

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