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Red Gravity - 3 piece Sushi Plate


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Hello! Im TV`s Patrick Duffy.


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These are some songs that i made some year/years ago.

They are not really finished in any traditional sense with

mastering or such but maybe someone will find them interesting



One sushi Goa track with plenty of nasal expanding wasabi and two mid tempo,

one with avocado and one with extra seaweed.





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thanks for sharing this man! :)


i'd tought i'd never hear anything new from Red Gravity after its heavenly debut on Twist Dreams


I hope you'll find the courage and the time to create some more earcandy :)



I must add that this Chaoscolors track is sublime! :) perfect example of very inventfull & playfull goatrance :)

keep up the good work! :)

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Chaoscolors - very nice twisted drive track, full with emotions very very good track

im not so much into chill but Sensetastica awake my filings.I realy like chilli track

Tnx for this tracks and keep the good work wish u new releases in neer future .


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