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Sine Die - Life Hack


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Artist: Sine Die

Title: Life Hack

Label: Hadra Records

Release: May, 2008



1. Life Hack (7:13)

2. Secrets (8:09)

3. Eclipse (7:36)

4. Elevate (8:20)

5. Vision (7:45)

6. Killer Instinct (8:25)

7. Goa Dra (7:34)

8. Deep Space Logic (7:25)

9. Away (5:38)



Sine Die (aka Noda) is Yohan Lasorsa and has produced some absolutely cracker tracks on compilations such as Pyramidal Trancendence and Positive Alchemists Vol. 3. French label Hadra records is responsible for some of the best full-on today with great releases like the Hadracadabra series, Fantasia, and Sunrise. According to the marketing blurb, this is touted as goa meeting today's psytrance. This effort was mastered by Mr. Silicon Sound so that already reeks of quality. I'm in. Now I don't know what Sine Die means but the internet tells me it is "Adjournment without definitely fixing a day for reconvening." :huh: I hope that I offer a great review so that Yohan may chime in and offer some explanations. The cover is interesting. Very colorful and split in half. One side is a very beautiful landscape and the other had a DNA molecule running down a computer like environment. Life representing the outdoors and all it entails and hack for the other side. Let's get to it!



Life Hack- Wow, although I have never been to goa, immediately I am transported to what I think it would be like. Huge pads and a bouncing bass line combine with peek a boo leads to keep me wary. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a goa melody. The buildup is massive as the lead rips, right into the break. Very imaginative buildup, and a plethora of leads to keep your head ringing. What a great start! :posford:




Secrets- Thick pads grow in my ears as synths creep out from their hiding places. The layering is very well done with zero wasted "airspace." The bass line is simple but works well to form the backbone of the track while synths full of melody arc skyward. The transition into the break is smooth and as the track rises out of it, yet another lead melody scrambles to be heard. The combination of sounds brings a smile to my face as this becomes a very rich tapestry. The tempo changes at around 6:30, but only briefly as another lead closes the track. Beautiful! :wub:




Eclipse- The lead here snakes its way over the bass line as more synths grab hold to ride its coattails. The break has a soft pad, with a smooth melody rippling from beneath the sea. It is twisted and turned, and races at light speed across the track. The underlying synth reminds of the good old goa days, filling out the track. Another tempo change with bouncy rhythm, as the track rises and brings the lead with it. That melody leeps me dancing like no one is watching. :posford:




Elevate- A Choir pad rains upon a slowly evolving lead as a synthesized voice adds mystery. The lead dances, as glassy tones ring with echoes. Another lead germinates beneath the soil of Mother Earth, slowly gaining momentum amidst a very cool break beat. As those tones recede into the background, another lead vies for supremacy, right into a peaceful calm. More synths maintain the delicate structure of this track and it's like eating a wonderful chocolate cake that is full of layers of delectable icing. Marvellous! :clapping:




Vision - Rich pads conceal an active lead that is soon joined by another synth. The lead is filtered, squeezing the maximum sound out of it as if it were an almost empty tube of toothpaste. Lasers guide me down the rabbit hole, where the beat becomes slightly muted as more synths cling to me. The lead comes twisting out of the break lashing me with its cat o nine tails of melody and doesn't let go until the track is finished. Tasty! ;)




Killer Instinct- An echoing voice reminds me of Mortal Kombat, (I don't know if that is the game the samples come from) opens the door as I score a triple combo. Yeah bitches! If it says finish him, I think I will pee myself. Ooh did you see that, I scored a master combo! Although this has samples from the video game the track underneath is quite good. The synths are thick and rich, as the cautious melody keeps me alert. As I slide my quarter in the game continues. Lasers rain down on me in a sticky shower, as a dangerous goa melody has me spinning. Cool track!




Goa Dra- I don't know what Dra is, but I am willing to sit at the masters feet and learn. A thick pad holds the key to the growly voice whose commands I cannot know. It isn't long until I succumb, and am touched by the soothing goa sunshine. A bouncy melody is guided by lasers, which keep me from getting too close to the sun. The next lead shows me many things, the alpha and omega as my head spins with its mind-numbing melody. Layers upon layers, so thick I cannot free myself from its warm embrace and I do not care to.

Wow. Brilliant! :posford:




Deep Space Logic:- My crew is attempting a very risky landing. Floating through space, I am reminded of just how dangerous this is. Leads have me twisting and turning during my descent. An asteroid narrowly misses the aercraft, and I have to re-engage. Helio-centric leads blanket me with melodic goodness, as the track bounces along. Evasive maneuvers overload the system, but there is no turning back. The horizon comes into focus as the auxiliary systems kick in. As the pressure becomes unstable the system shuts down and I am left adrift. Great track!



Away- "So what are you? Meaning what exactly? Are you a robot..or an alien. Because everyone in the world is one or the other. Robots do what they're told, stick with the herd. Aliens...on the other hand...do their own thing." Soft melodic pads expose a ambient bass line as smooth percussion gives way to an evolving synth. Soothing plucked stings add to the melody as I float above myself. Twinkling tones have me looking to the ethereal plane, and I realize what I have been shown, but there is so much more to see. I now understand Sine Die. This downtempo track was beautiful. :clapping:





Conclusion: This sucks. Absolutely craptacular. And by craptacular I mean it's freakin' awesome! One of the most melodic efforts I have ever heard. There is nothing cheesy here, as he his layers show a level of mastery rarely seen. The complexity is readily apparent as the melodies soar and thanks to Johannes's mastering, this is like polished diamond. Psyphop was true to its word, as the goa vibe is all over this disc. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Hadra Records has another quality feather in its cap. If you like layers upon layers dripping with melody with a wink back to the good old days of goa, do not hesitate to pick up this gem. 9.5/10




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Wow, I didn't know Sine Die released a main album, until now. I thought Sine Die's new school Goa track in 2006's Pyramidal Trancendence was great. I suppose if I ever imagined anything coming from this artist, it was and/or still is a Goa album. It sounds more melodic Full On than it does Goa meets Full On Psytrance. In short, I think I'll be skipping this one. The only thing I'd add to the review above is








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maybe it will grow on you coz i think its amazing. :)

after 5 listens, it just sounded less and less good. sowwy :( There is some gold there, but its just not as good as it is being hyped to be by some members/people.
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(I don't know if that is the game the samples come from)



Top full-on album of this year so far.


Killer Instinct was a little weird, nitzo like but not to a point where it annoys you.


Everything else on this album was freakin' kick ass.

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I think it has some awesome melodies.. But something is wrong here.. can't get really into the music :unsure: The breaks, change in synths, direction of the story is a little off IMO.. A little confusing... Maybe i just need some more listens

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it's good, the ideas are well done, but again like the hyperion album I have the same problem the mastering is very bad...


it doesn't fit like it should be,


to bad so much great talented get's wasted because of bad mastering,


killer instinct is indeed a stronger track and creates the contrast that it's better when

you listen through the album because I'm used to the bad mastering from the previous tracks,


but it's still the same compared to others,


hopefully their next album will be better done,


they sure know how to create some interesting fullon :)

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