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Artist wishlist - Boom 2008


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Simon,Ott,Prometheus,Pleiadians - they will dissapoint you :P , well maybe except Ott. From all those you mentioned Logic Bomb is the best :)



Texas Faggot


Laughing Buddha


at boom :)


and imo fests is not that much about the acts but the ppl & the general vibe, Ozora has good people too but Boom is much bigger (good and bad .. ) and very well organizef as far as i know ...

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I am quite happy with the line-up so far. One always wishes (of course) that it could better. Plus I go there for the excellent vibe as well (and I have been going since its early days...so it is almost routine for me).


I think my older ears is perhaps more forgiving than some of yours. But I do find plenty of acts that I shall enjoy.


Here goes my list (for now):





(i) DJs


Bedouin & Hamish

Shane Gobi


(ii) Live Acts


Behind Blue Eyes






Shadow Fx


Texas Faggot



GROOVY BEACH (this looks very YUMMY to me, will spend plenty of time here)


Dub-step, breakbeats, funk, dub, woo-hoo! I rather have variety than all-trance festivals...


Here are my highlights:


(i) DJ


Alex Tolstei



(ii) Live Acts



Billy d’Allessandro



Far Too Loud

Loopus in Fabula




Plus all the ambient and other stuff yet to be announced.


I wish they would have added two or three UK breakbeat acts!

Perhaps they will - we shall see.







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I have looked at the Ozora festival and it seems quite good as well, but does not match the boom in terms of line-up (and there are more things to a festival than just line-up in my opinion).


The only acts on the main stage in Ozora that would interest me (I am excluding the chill out chaps) would be:


Live Acts





Gaudium (sort of)

Logic Bomb






Shane Gobi (he does both festivals, as does Tristan and Star Sounds)


There are lots of acts which have not done anything interesting for quite a while. I am not interested unless they have something new - these include Hallucinogen, Pleadians, Neuromoter, Jaia, Blue Planet Corporation, Talamasca etc. Plenty of old dinosaurs there that I have already seen....including at Boom of past years!





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wow lotta SF people on that list.

ocelot and penta (listed as portugal? did he stop being russian? whatever) and supposedly Random now too i like Random, one of the few people i will go out of my way to talk to for a minute when i go out.

anyway i didnt see him on the list there but he's listed elsewhere so i give him a shout so you all might give him a listen

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