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  1. Same here. Cant listen to Shpongle its just so without any soul easy listening, nothing in it that makes me move in any way, somehow feels lifeless. Entheogenic has something very unique, difficult to put it into words, I guess the music talks to me in that way. .
  2. Flight of the Urubus, was quite an experience. Different from earlier Entheogenic albums, cool funky stuff something for that summer breeze. Dont get me wrong enough psychedelica in there and some of the best psy downtempo tunes of the year. Recommended.
  3. So is their last one - Flight of the Urubus -
  4. Its growing ever more on me, fits perfectly the summer air, ohhhh so nice. One of those drive down the coutryside, windows open, kind of album.
  5. Crap line up I am probably going to Ozora this summer :posford:
  6. sideffect just somed them all nicely up in no particular order
  7. My fav so far this year, real damn good stuff 10/10
  8. Lish - Free fall Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers Human Blue - Discovery Channel V/A - Quality Relaxation Shpongle - Nothing gets lost
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