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VA Eruption - Compiled by Xerox (Noya Records , March 08)

Guy Cohen

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Hello All !


I have some good news for you – Moshe Keinan a.k.a Xerox opened new label called – Noya Records. Xerox was since ever one of my favorite Full-On acts, because his psychedelic taste and now I hope he will keep it into Noya's releases. The first compilation of the label is "Eruption" – 9 unreleased track which selected carefully (very carefully I would say) by Xerox him self.

I must write good feedback for the design of the cover and the label logo, it's simply beautiful !


Posted Image


01. Sub6 – Down N' Out (remix 2008) {142 BPM}

Aharony brothers (Ohad & Golan) are opening this CD. Sub6 latest single was very far from my taste in music, BUT this track is their answer for all the criticism. The new remix is remind the old (and good) style of Sub6, which was much more powerful than today. As always, the production level is very high and super professional, each kick is sound clear and sharp. After four minutes, the track is getting stronger and let us enjoy from Sub6 lovely vibes. I can easily say this track is one of Sub6 best tracks since the album – good work !


02. E-Jekt – Big Brother {145 BPM}

One the sweetest surprise is "Big Brother" track from Gadi Vered and Uri Azene. The track is very powerful, groovy and danceable. The fast kicks are doing the job well and put magical atmosphere into. E-Jekt's materials were always just nice for me, but after this gem, they jump two or three steps up in my scale. Keep it up guys.


03. PTX – Terra Soul {145 BPM}

Patrick Chen is the man behind the PTX project. I like his music most of the time, but something was always missing for me. "Terra Soul" track is taken from Patrick's upcoming album and present his upgraded style, which is better than I expected. The track is sound average on the first 2-3 minutes without something special, but the next minutes are completely different story. PTX is coming up with soft melody (02:30) and takes this track to higher dimensions, which very closer to the Goa zones. It's one of the only tracks I could describe as Full On – Goa style. The best thing here is that this guy is finally realizes his potential.


04. Magnetica – The Jedi (Xerox Remix) {145 BPM}

Rinat Swissa's tune is remixed by the veteran Xerox. The taste of this remix is appetizing, because we have proof for Xerox is create music by his old psychedelic influences and it is sound excellent. The track is melodic, very groovy and super positive. I'm really looking forward for his fresh materials.


05. XI – Assimilation of reality (DNA Remix) {145 BPM}

This compilation isn't rest at all and now Eitan Tanami & Zeiev Kardonki are responsible for the madness continuation. These guys have massive style without too much tricks, just the main factor – POWER. Seven minutes (almost) of serious digs and tons of dancing vibes are in the air all over the track.


06. Slider – Beat the base {146 BPM}

Slider is Eliran Or-Gad from Israel. The guy is one of the most busy artists in holy land and he is characterized by funky style, which is always works as magic in the dance floor. "Beat the base" track is gives us kind of variation to this comp. It's packed with funny vocals, fresh effects and many danceable moments. This time the trend is less powerful but is much more sophisticated.


07. Mad Max – 1,2,3 {142 BPM}

Max Peterson from Spain is the only guest from abroad in this compilation. Max is half of the known act Sirius Isness and this project is his solo. The European Full-On style of Max is exactly what this CD need. This track is very energetic, driving and dance floor cracker. Mad Max debut album will come out soon on Phantasm, so after this great track, my expectations are very high.


08. Techtonic – Gin N' Tonic {142 BPM}

I want introduce you the biggest surprise here – Amos Turin & Niv Tenenbaum. This is the first time I hear about Techtonic project, but is definitely not the last. "Gin N Tonic" track is kind of Minimal-Full on tune with deep beats and unique atmosphere. The track is always in action, never boring and pumping all the time. The combination between the groovy bassline and Noa Ben-Shushan lovely vocals is amazing - WOW !


09. Loud - Beautiful day (remix) {142 BPM}

Loud guys (Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter) are on the highlight point of their career this period – almost every respected line up in Israel is include Loud and each set/live of them is the make the crowd fill the floor with tons of dust. "Beautiful day" track original released on Dooflex Records compilation ("Enemies and Allies"), and three years later they present new remix for it. The tune is keep the direction of their new album ("Abstract"), which is hallucinate, brilliant and unexpected. Keep it L-O-U-D !



To sum it up, "Eruption" compilation is one of the best Full-On CD's which released on the last years and surely the most outstanding this year. This VA is the result of huge investment and in my opinion Noya Records is going to be in the future one of the leading labels on this genre. THANKS A LOT.



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