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New Psynews.ORG subforum


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After seeing pinned topics here and there were growing, we put them in this dedicated forum.


Basically: what is Psyrance, its whereabouts, some interesting articles, the forum rules, etc.

For example, some very interesting topic in the General forum can "escalate" here.


Members can only reply to topics and should ask the moderators to open new topics. It may change in the near future.


We'll reorder and clean up the different forums in a short while to fill up this one.

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Good idea IMO, nice work Mars.



This is funny, I was trying to find some Man With No Name reviews, but there's no way of searching by his artist name because I get the error: "One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters".


What's up with that?


Anywho.. I'll just search for album titles then.

in the search you have to enter a word that has as least 4 characters,

for man with no name, I would browse to the review section, and type 'name'

to define the search in the database ,

impossible to have one character, like M, and find all the results that have M,

that would give an amount of results and impossible to index ;)

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