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Ticon - 2AM

Goa Bill

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jeller has a point imo,


the way I experience psychedelic is not 100% how he does but it fits mostly...

goatrance is indeed more based on melodies and all trance that is more based on melodies has a lower

psychedelic content because there is no room for that, if you put wave after wave like for example

mystica creating more psychedelic sounds isn't that easy,

if you compare to infected mushroom first releases where they keep the full melodic waves for the end

and you have a structure in the beginning that opens possibilities for more advancement and little psychedelic

sounds with creates the feeling over a higher level psychedelic content....


to say goatrance was taken over by "psychedelic trance" as mainstream,

before 1997 people didn't use the name psychedelic trance...

I remember lot's of people around 2000 didn't like the new psychedelic trance influences and complained about it,

so they experienced it that way to...


sorry for the off topic,

maybe move to another topic,


interesting statement... good debate...



@ qa2pir, maybe a little bit to harsh man :unsure: , come on ;)

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ooh you are that kind of forum boy.. to make it more easy for your summarisation


Hello, my name is Jeller and I think that songs with well excecuted modified noises, screeched, pitched and other weird sounds are more psychedelic than goatrance melodies and that old school beats work hypnotic because of their bpm and that's what makes goatrance still pretty psychedelic



by the way suomisaundi is the most psychedelic trance music..


this baby got crazy melodies, weird noises, glitches, funkyness, entrancing and hypnotic structure and much more!!

at the end music is maths and so is psychedelic music, so it would be possible to describe it

No seriously, my abstract of your post was not pejorative. Just rational.


Not trying to be rude here.


I see what you mean but my point stands; psychedelia is all in the individual mind. For me, goa trance like Pleiadians or Astral Projection is more psychedelic, since it for me effectively invokes a different state of mind, a mysterious one. Newer psytrance can also be very psychedelic.



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No seriously, my abstract of your post was not pejorative. Just rational.


Not trying to be rude here.


I see what you mean but my point stands; psychedelia is all in the individual mind. For me, goa trance like Pleiadians or Astral Projection is more psychedelic, since it for me effectively invokes a different state of mind, a mysterious one. Newer psytrance can also be very psychedelic.



well I agree that the mysterious aspect is also very psy,the feeling and atmosphere it creates, Pleiadians for sure and Astral Projection sometimes.. I especially like Mahadeva, this one sure fits the special state of mind which is typical in old school goa


grtz Jelle

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I really dislike 2AM, for the simple reason that it has electro sounds on every track and electro to me is like fingers on a chalkboard. It seems more and more genres are being influenced by this sound, which sucks for me. Anyway, if you like it great but I want to warn anyone who is hoping for more in the vein of Zero Six After that this ain't it. Maybe try the new Human Blue instead, which is refreshingly free of electro sounds.


-- Gus

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Ticon - 2AM

Posted Image


01 Ticon - 1987

This track has some sort of 80's synthpop feeling, but way more trancy. For my taste it is way too cheesy and not psychedelic although it has some nice sounds and good production. Not a good track


02 Ticon - Zebra Beat

A melodic track with a very minimal touch. Nice deep melodies and good produced pitchwork in the middle.

Reminds me a bit of booka shade and extrawelt Very nice track!!


03 Ticon - Models on Cocaïne

With this track we go more into electro regions, with funny computer vocals. The bassline is still pretty trancewise and pretty funky too. Good track


04 Ticon - Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors is a nice example from how to crossover progressive trance and minimal techno. Subtle melodies and tight percussion. This track has the least cheesy melodies and they get intenser towars the end. Very nice buildup but maybe a bit too repetitive. Still a great track and one of the best tracks on the album.


05 Ticon - Spitfire

Also a minimal like track. This track is pretty psychedelic, especially how the noises morph into nice melodies. Very good percussion too. Great Track!


06 Ticon - In The Box

In the Box is a very electrolike track and together with the next track the most commercial tracks. I believe this one is with vocals from Michele Adamson, but they don't bother me. Nice buildup and some good melodies so for me this is still a good track, but this has nothing to do with progressive trance.


07 Ticon - Were Shining

Like I said, this track is also pretty electro with vocals from a of the Ticon guys. The bassline is really really nice and it reminds me on some of the vitalic tracks on 'Ok Cowboy' so that is a good thing! The vocals here are not that good most of the time, but it is not as worse as duvdev.. Very nice melodies and flow in this one, the anthem melody at the end with the climax are very well executed! I could see this one on MTV but it is still a good catchy track.


08 Ticon - 2AM

This track is getting back to the progressive regions. Great percussion and atmosphere in 2AM, and some nice melodies too, but some melodies are getting too emo and cheesy like in the first track, so that blows it for me. Still an average track.


09 Ticon - Less is more

A blend of styles in this one, it has elements of the styles from most of the tracks here so this makes it a nice closing track. Also emotional melodies but here they don't seem to bother me because they sounds more adult and it has some nice transitions. Good track.



So an album with lots of variety and hard to fit in one box. Not all the tracks are good, but apart from the first track I don't had a moment were I had too roll my eyes :).

I give this a 7/10 which is not much as their previous album but it is not a clone, so still a bravo to Ticon!


2(!),3, 4(!), 5,6,7(!), 9

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i didn't have much expectations from them after their live set last year, too much electro and less tripy. but the masters have done it again with this album. From the start you can feel the massive TICON.

track 6(In the box) is tops, :lol:

Does anyone have lyrics for it please? reminds me of the Pink Floyd' Bike (The pipers at the gate of dawn)

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I was kind of disapointed (with very high expectations). Its got a very clean production but there lacked some interest and most melodies were boring and uninspiring. Too commercial and too little psychedelic and journey-like feeling. Some few tracks stand out though and will probably have some more listens. Best song so far by Ticon is "In Stereo" in my opinion. Nothing on the new cd came close to that intelligent and playful original sound, sadly.


The minimal tracks wasnt anything special. For really good minimal i rather listen to Extrawelt, Petter, Moonbeam, Shades Of Gray, Minilogue etc.


For other good progressive psytrance that is deep/hypnotic, I recommend Tegma - around the world in 80 minutes. pure gemstone.

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Never listened to Ticon before, not much anyway. Never really cared for it a great deal. So I didn't have any expectations of this album at all other than expecting that is at least vaguely connected to psytrance. I was a little bit shocked to hear nothing but run-of-the-mill electro-house. I see people calling it prog with electro elements, or psy with electo influences. Are we hearing the same thing? This is no different to the stuff that is being played constantly at every single nightclub where I live (Sydney), or at least was being played until I eventually got sick of it all and stopped going to nightclubs due to lack of musical veriety. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing fundamentally and intrinsically wrong with electro-house or even this release, in fact I would say it is slightly better than the competition as far as production and thought is concerned, and unfortunately it seems to be more pretentious as well which demeans any piece of music in my eyes.


I would also disregard people claiming that this release has psychedelic elements therefore it is psytrance or even psy. This is not the correct way to think, you are shifting the intention of the meaning of the word psytrance, a error in logic. The word psytrance shouldn't be defined as anything psychedelic that also induces a trance, this is not what people understand the term psytrance to mean, especially on a website dedicated to psytrance. I am not saying we shouldn't be able to discuss it, that is for the mods and admins to decide, personally I think it is fine, but don't come here and tell me this is anything buy electro-house.




EDIT: The main reason I say this is because it is already hard enough to try and split genres, the whole idea of genres is subjective, but this particular release is very obviously electro-house, so if this is psytrance or even psy then I may as well call all electro-house psy. Why not call anything psy?

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