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  1. happy_harry

    Ticon - 2AM

    It was such a huge exp. for the party croud to hear 1987 at 10am in the morning on this sunny sunday and dance and be happy. Crazy dancefloor track (and a great one to start a set)!
  2. To be honest, this is one the best albums of 2007. It's full of creative thinking, filled/mixed different styles and i guess it works really well. The sound quality is perfect, i can just listen to it over and over again, even with headphones. :posford:
  3. Really digging this album. One of the best ones this year.
  4. Nice review. I totally agree, with the "just put on play again and repeat" part. I did this for the last couple of days. 7/10 Great morning fullon.
  5. It is f*ing art, people! Sunday just blows my mind. Before that every track is a journey, crazy. Love it, 9/10.
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