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Frozen Ghost - Edible Technique


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Frozen Ghost - Ned’s Mental

Frozen Ghost - Frozen Toast V2

Frozen Ghost - Multiprey

Frozen Ghost - Deranger

Dirty Motion - Control Freak

Hiyarant - Red Coat (Frozen Ghost remix)

Frozen Ghost - E=Mentally Squared

Frozen Ghost - Icey Binge Of The Bio Shrimp

Frozen Ghost – Edible Technique



Style: South African Full On

Artwork: Matt Mills

Mastering: Smugg Juggler

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/1101992

Samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6838




This is the second album of South African producer Barry Wynne. Expect nothing less than funky, stomping psytrance!


Ned’s Mental

There’s nothing better to start your day with the best breakfast. And Ned’s Mental is as tasty as a track can be. If you’re not familiar with Frozen Ghosts’ sound this is the track to start with. Frozen Ghost means power, funky mood, a dose of darkness, techno rhythms, trancey melodies and a lot of dancing. And there’s not other track out there that will shake your body more than Ned’s Mental. The first half is filled with a groovy feeling and crazy sounds. You can’t keep your feet on the ground listening to his uncanny bassline, it’s powerful yet not annoying. All the melodies of the first half just prepare you for what is coming. And what is coming in the second part is a superb melody, so simple yet psychedelic, so serious yet funny! You can hear it building and building and the kick starts again with half the power. The melody dissapears and the madness starts again. But you know that the melody will return, you can feel it. And when it does you fly. Seriously, this track can’t be called dancefloor killer. Find a new word for that. The minute from 04:51 to 05:44 will raise the dead. One of the best tracks of 2007. 10/10


Frozen Toast V2

If anyone has listened to the original Frozen Toast knows what kind of superb track it is. The remix continues the journey. Although not better than the original version (the known remixes law=A remix is rarely better) its more than great. Just like the original Frozen Toast this is propably one the darkest tracks of the album. Don’t expect spooky pads or horror samples, but a good old school-ish dark atmosphere. The melodies are simply amazing, They're coming from the void before they return to it and a acidic layer follows the trip. For the second version Barry plays a lot with the melodies. He breaks them, before they blast you again. It’s way too psychedelic and again a track that you must dance at. Not better than the original, but simply amazing. 9/10



Here we get another great track. There is a very nice snare pattern and the track is phat just like I want it. In this one we get even more acidic stuff. They used how 303 used to be used in the old days. The follow the lead and participate to the madness. Soon the powerful leads start and fly all over your speakers. The leading melody has this special feeling of Frozen Ghost. Is it too serious or something I can smile with? Actually it’s both. Beautiful track. 8/10



Damn that’s all of phat acid! This one takes the schizoprenic jumping noises of the previous tracks and multiplies them. There’s something haunted about this track. There’s a dark cloud that flows like a pad, while the phat madness underneath becomes more and more intense. Sometimes the track becoming insanely phat and too much in your face, but that’s the good thing. What? You like a more whispering kind of psy? Stay away from this track! Damn again! 8/10


Control Freak

By Dirty Motion aka Frozen Ghost and Hiyarant. Ok, this one is crazy. Nothing less to expect by those two guys. This track takes a more serious direction. It’s less funky, but thankfully still pumping. Very pumping actually! The techno tempo works fantastic and the place of the more clear leads of the previous tracks takes here a combination of sounds that create a wall of power. It’s more Frozey than Hiyarant style, it’s his album after all, but you can recognize Stuart’s style too. Very good! 8/10


Red Coat (Frozen Ghost remix)

Here is the story. Frozen Ghost remixes a Hiyarant track in his album and Hiyarant a Frozen Ghost’s in his. (BTW it’s called Collison and you must check it, it’s awesome too). You can hear something different. There’s a melody that plays through the entire track and has a tragic feeling in it. Now, Barry takes the metallic madness of Hiyarant and add phatness. Go figure! This track has no humour like the rest, but still has a funkyness. It’s also the track with the more industrial feeling and gives me the image of an abandoned warehouse. Why? Dunno. Anyway it’s amazing an track. 8.5/10


E=Mentally Squared

Wow! What an anthem! Just listen how he plays with the percussion. Kick ass. The first melody is filled with humour. It reminds me of Bugs Bunny, seriously. But after some seconds the main lead enters. This is trancey!!! After a while the lead vanishes, but you know that Barry just saves his bullets for the final round. A big atmospheric break just to relax a bit, before the dance starts again. Oh and yes, the lead is back, slightly different with a few note changes that make it even more ecstatic. I wanted more to be honest, but still got a big dose. 10/10


Icey Binge Of The Bio Shrimp

This track reminds me of the summer. Maybe it’s because of the shrimp. The first two minutes are basically an easygoing breakbeat intro with the first sample for what will come. Soon, the melodic bassline hits the floor and you don't have to be Nicola Tesla to realize that the lead will be the same with the bass’ melody. It is and works. Just like the first and the previous track this one is really focused in the melodies and I love it. It’s energetic and powerful, just like good full on must be. The melodic ending stands as one of the highlights of the album. 9/10


Edible Technique

Let’s end with another stomper, right? Wrong! Let’s end with an amaaazing midtempo track. This one proves the true talent of Barry, When you thought that his dance tracks are basically layer over layer of madness, Edible Technique comes to show you the ability of Barry in pure writing and arranging. Do you remember the fantastic MFG track Metamorphosis from the Project Genesis album? Well Edible Technique is te closest I can think of Metamorphosis 2007. It even has some sounds coming straight from the old MFG days. It has a great ‘green’ colour. The melodies are mind expanding, probably the best of the whole album and the pads are combined so good with them that makes you fly. And it’s phat! Just check those blasting snares! Totally amazing, we need a full power version of this track. 10/10



If you need a psychedelic album that it’s filled with true power it's an one way street. Buy this one! It takes the phatness of the South African psy in higher levels. It keeps the more techno roots of the early Frozen Ghost works, but adds a strong dose of pure psytrance and much more power. It’s essential. And it’s amazing how much Barry perfected his music. One of the best albums of 2007. 8.94/10


Why purchase: If you like phat South African psy this one is a must!


Why skip: If you don’t like in-your-face, non-stop-stomping psytrance, stay away.

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One of the best albums released in 2007. I wouldnt call this dark psytrance. This is the most funkiest, craziest and insane music released last year. Just listen to Ned's mental track and you will know what I am talking about. After listening to hell lotta full on and stupid dark sounds, this album is a refreshing funky one.


10/10 for being creative and making this funky / trippy album :posford:


10/10 for the excellent cover .. this album is worth every penny .

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  • 9 years later...

One of the baddest motherf*ckers ever to mangle some presets.  This album is a consistent brain scrambler of the first order.  The world definitely needs more of this right now.  At this point I believe that Barry is the only one who can save my country.

Help us Barry, you're our only hope.


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