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Multistate - Collaborating with Machines

Otto Matta

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Multistate - Collaborating with Machines

Timecode Records, 2006


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1 Clear v3.0 (7:37)

2 Bipolar (8:36)

3 Silver (7:07)

4 Sharp (8:26)

5 Prosthetic (7:40)

6 Windup (8:28)

7 Nefarious (8:23)

8 Roberta Sparrow (8:28)

9 Colour Collapse (5:37)

10 Close-Up (8:32)


Multistate is a collaboration between Xatrik and Lost and Found from South Africa. The sound is definitively South African, which tends to be gritty and aggressive, and this album is, to my ears, the pinnacle of that region's Psytrance sound. The quality and clarity of production, the range of musicality and innovation, and the sheer wallness of sound is totally top-notch from beginning to end. They even have the gall to throw in their interpretation of a tech trance track (Colour Collapse) towards the end. I also enjoy how they forego the use of samples to mask a lack of musical detail, although the samples they do include are well-chosen and feel like they belong. A really good example is a young woman with a Japanese voice taken from what sounds like a recording in an airport in Sharp, track four.


I fucking LOVE this album, like I've never loved a Psytrance album before. I think this is The Shit as far as Psytrance is concerned. It makes me dance in ways I never knew I could dance before, where even my fingers have a job to do. Real pupil-dilating stuff. Wish there were more of it. 10/10


Samples at Saikosounds

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This album is what Full On is all about or to be more specific what South African full on is all about.

It's hard, it's grrovy, it's serious, it's metallic, it's melodic, it's psytechno, it's psytrance!

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it's a perfect example of how to make good Psytrance today.

I love all the tracks but my fav is Nefarious!!!


BTW Otto, since you loved this album you must check everything by Xatrik and Lost And Found (=Multistate)

Check out the new Timecode compilation Future Cuts since it's been compiled by Multistate.

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No arguments here. Pure brilliance with this effort. It is painfully obvious to me that South Africa has a total mastery of how full-on should be produced. I can also recommend the latest effort by Xatrik and Shift as they equally moving. And since we are discussing South African mastery I would be remiss if I didn't include Tickets latest album Timelapse. I haven't heard V/A Time Cuts, but since I love all that Timecode does, it won't be long!


So, between Shift, Tickets, Multistate and Xatrik your brains should be severely scrambled. :posford:



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