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New ticon Album "2 am"

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i miss the good old progressive ticon... Waiting for the nights for example..


Didn't like zero six after that much either

Zero Six After was as good as Aero, at least in my opinion. Different Style, but with the Ticon-touch. A Funny, rocking Prog/House/trance Crossover.


but the new stuff is just...well...i don´t want to here anything about "Models on Cocaine" on the Dancefloor. The Music may be good (but not impressing...), but if i hear such samples on the Dancefloor, i´ll leave immediatly. It kinda reminds me of the some stuff from the DNox & Beckers Album (Digicam Mobilephone.....yeah, fuck off :D) and the new Haldolium (Butzi ba take of your boots :vomit:).


I´ll probably give the Album a listen or two, though....

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Samples up on psyshop!


WTF this sounds like Bookashade... Electro house... Sad :(

Exactly my thoughts! Where did ticon go? =/ Although I like "In the box" and "We're shining", but the rest is so-so.

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