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[Free DVD PsyTrance]


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hello :rolleyes:


wanted to make known to you this page : special DVD psytrance VOD page for Free


You can Download videos with format DVD High Quality :

Stereo Sound Not compressed (PCM 1500kbps/sec), Video in MPEG 2 (Quality DVD - 8Mbps/sec),

Video intégral (Live Act, Festival, Dance floor, Dj set), Special DVD Menu with chapter...

To look on DVD Players of living room, On DVD Players Computer


Beta Test VoD GoA PsyTrAnCe


I recommend a connection ADSL or Câble 3Mb or 4Mb Minimun for a faster Downloading

Your system must be in NTSF and not in FAT32 (Size of file of 4Go not to support by Fat32)

Internet Exporer and Netscape is not compatible to download files size 4Go you must use Firefox or Opera 9

You download DVD ISO which you can burn with all software of burning





that think about it?


if you want to promotion your dvd contact me :)


enjoy !! ;)



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I downloaded a few of those DVDs a while back. Thanks for sharing. Your bandwidth expenses must be skyhigh.


Please release the full "Goa Is Not Dead Yet" party video already! I'm dying to see it; the trailer sent shivers down my spine. Amazing vibe! :)

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i have to add some more words

NTFS ( NT file system ) is only one file system that MUST be used on any HDD that managed by NT/ XP Win 32 system

the only way to make XP work fine is convertin hard drive fle systm into NTFS

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 is prefered to be used instead of original microsoft windows internet explorer ( no matter if IE is 6 or 7 )


thats all so kool , its only my speed is too slow for downloadin such extremly huge files lol , otherwise i wud happy to grab them all ( its very impressive show then u watchin some hi def video on some kool dvd player and big video display )

i have to find someone who can download it for me too ! :D

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hi ;)


Thank for your comment and add word technic, happy download !!


yeah soon video full goa is not dead yet , it's ok !!! :)


On my server is 100% ok for faster download, no limit bandwhite :)


for time just download, but in the future perhaps i can send on post ** (just little bandwhite)


see you soon !!



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Good luck with it Manu!


It's always a pleasure to see you walk around on our parties with the camera, like that we have something left to show our children and grandchildren...


"hey little son, this is how your granddad used to go out in the weekend..." :P

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yeah , I have delay with the videos but I quickly will finish that of lost buddha :rolleyes: soon very soon


Video list on standby :

Goa is not dead yet >>Terrible !!

Goa Horizon (lost buddha)>>

Detour psychedelic (anoebis)>>

Hadra party 27.01.07>>

Trance dimension 17.mars.07>>(xenomorph and electric universe)

Tribal gathering 23dec06>>>


but i think forget 1 or 2 video


DVD list standby :

Rahkti dei 2004/2005/2006

Freaky Dragon 2006

Massive activity 2005

Juno reactor


and other party video list in standby


yeah anoebis , you video is now in infinite time :P , i like your party and trance Goa music is my life, now 5 years website , and 11 years listen goa music , first festival 2004


I wonder whether I will be able to stop one day, can be when I am a marrier , :lol: IoI


manu :)

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Hi Psypeaople >>> :lol:


New DVD online FREE download !!!




Posted Image

Rahki dei festival Belgium (2007)




Product Details :

DVD Party Goa Psy Trance :

Rhakti Dei Festival 2007 - DVD Video


Location: Belgium

DVD Release Date: 06-2008

Added DVD: 31-08-2008


Director : Psysurfeur


Info File:

Run Time: 35min

Size: 2.41Go

Video: HQ DVD Mpeg-2 (8Mbps/sec)

Audio: PCM Stereo 48kHz (1500kbps/sec)


TV system: 625/50 (PAL)

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Film: Camera MiniDV (Numerical)

DVD: Special Menu, 12 chapter



Sienis Live


Server for fast download !!!



And soon DVD Teratone free !!!!!!!!!!



Enjoy !!!

Good Vibe...3~

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How do you download it? :S



for download >>>click on this link >>http://www.psysurfeur.com/preview-dvd-goa-psytrance-10.html



Look center page >>>>>

Direct ISO DVD Downloads :

Server Available


Rhakti Dei 2007 (Belgium) (click here for download )


Attrention !!!!!!

Internet explorer is not comptatible because this big file

For Download Bad size for file > 2Go

You must use Firefox or Oprera


After download >>> burn Iso DVD


See you soon :)

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