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cheap CDJ

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not necessary.

you want to say i should at least get a 100s?


if theres anything from a notfamousbrand, tell me.

i need no effects and stuff, just the normal program, antishock, mastertempo, pitch, cue, jogwheel

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i'm not that experience, but you rarely see a 100s break down.

if you need it just for home and you don't plan to travel or perform with it, get gemini or something. play, cue, load, unload. :P


i'm planning to get cdj100s soon. it's not uncommon to find used ones.

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actually i want to use them for travelling indeed.

have been looking at ebay a few days already.

also did i find some cdj-500 mk II, a little older, but the first with cuepoints, loop etc.

quite cheapo too :)

hope to have some luck :)

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I got a pair of cdj-100s's, and a djm-300 mixer, all Pioneer, with a big ugly case that keeps them all safe and cozy for only US$450, on eBay. Keep looking you may find some good deals. Watch for scammers, I almost got ripped off for a $200 cdj-200.


Ive had no problems with my 2 cdj-100s's. Ive seen literal tons of these at parties.


From what I understand the cdj-500 is an older model, and it looks rather large. I cant remember if that was a top-loading one? Im not too sure about toploading, lots of opportunity for scratches.

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yep dj-500 are toploaders.


what ya mean with scammers?

ive seen also lots a good, maybe too good deals, recently, thats why i didnt place a bid.

how those wankers playing?

you send the money and they not send you the stuff?

fuckers :ph34r:


i think im going for a pair of dj-100s, there are good deals to find every day on ebay :)

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scammers, trying to make you pay some other way, like sending money through the mail, or something like that.


Yeah, watch for too-good-to-be-true deals. Also, Ive seen quite a few scammers who say they are in one country, but when you look at the payment details, and it says to send the money to another country. They take the money and you never hear anything again. Its not hard to see which ones are not real.


When I got my cdjs and all that came with them, one of the cdjs had been damaged in shipping, but it was very easy to fix (after I took apart a nonfunctional cdj that I had laying around already, the eject mechanism in those things is like a circle of dominoes all supporting each other).

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for at home: go for the cdj 100's and a crappy mixer with the necessary knobs:

3 band eq, gain, individual channel posibility for headphone

and off course a mic for ya mc-in' :P


in my experience any cheap mixer that does those tricks will be good enough to practise with. bigger and better will be good off course but not necesarry for the first steps of mixing. But going for something else than the pioneers i wouldnt recommend. Although i have played with some good denons (quite new) a while ago, but i cant remember what they are called (one of those stupid dual systems).

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