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Reefer Decree-Point Of You (Iboga Records)


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Nightvision by Reefer Decree remains one of my favorite tunes of all time so when i heared the news that a new Reefer Decree album is on the way including this great track on the tracklist i was extremely happy.


The band has splitted for long time now and Oliver was focused on his Oryx solo project but he and Iboga Records had a big suprise for us so here it is the new Reefer Decree album.




01.Reefer Decree-Breaking News

02.Reefer Decree-Point Of You

03.Reefer Decree-Gone For Good

04.Reefer Decree-Agent 508

05.Reefer Decree-Meltburn (Emok Remix)

06.Reefer Decree-7 Minutes

07.Reefer Decree-The Final Decree

08.Reefer Decree-Meltburn

09.Reefer Decree-Nightvision




01) Damn the opening track of this album is really massive.Breaking The News is one of the finest and well crafted tracks i have listened in the last 4-5 years a trully magical tune that grows within you with every listen.Amazing melodies and vocals,great rythm and baselines all surrounded by a mystical atmosphere.A legendary track for me already and i am not exaggerating at all.


02) The second track of the album,Point Of You,is a very strange one,although i dont like it much for a strange reason my whole body moves when i listen to it for an unexplained reason.I am really puzzled with this one,i mean its not supposed to be my style of music and it sounds little bit more commercial from my usual cup of tea but still i find something really interesting in it.Curious about other people's comment about it.


03) Gone For Good is a very nice and danceable tune and i very much fancied the dolphin like sounds in the backround,i am always fond of high frequency sounds anyway.A fine piece of work that keeps the level of this album in very high standards so far.


04) Next we got Agent 508 a good progressive tune with a tribal touch.This is a typical good scandinavian track,it has high production quality and should work preety well on the dancefloor especially on those late morning hours plus some great melodies in it.Recommended also for home listening.


05) Emok makes his appearence on this album with his remix on Meltdown and what an appearence this is.His remix is a really powerfull one that can blast any dancefloor away,a great piece of work BUT i dont understand why Emok stopped with the track just on 05.40 minutes,while i was preparing for a massive built up the track finished leaving me with a big suprise on my face.Michael mate you really MUST make a longer version of this and include it on a future compilation or something.Great track anyway.


06) 7 Minutes is a great melodic morning track with a groovy rythm.I really like this kind of tunes,i find them ideal for home listening and even as backround music.Highly recommended for those who like relaxing music with melodies in it like i do.


07) Another morning tune here though this time not as good as the rest of the album,yes the melodies are really nice and dreamy but the tune is really average itself.


08) Here we have the original version of the Meltdown tune.Unlike the powerfull remix by Emok this is a funky and groovy tune.I liked that melody near the end but the first 5 minutes are just not my style,i will stick with the remix for sure and skip this one.


09) YES finally after all this time the legendary Nightvision is released in its full and updated version.I can even today remember when i first listened to this track years ago,must have been at least 4-5 years,and how my world was shocked with this tune.No words can describe this classic piece of art,one must listen to it and understand its true magic.Thanks to Iboga and Oliver for releasing this gem.


The new Reefer Decree album lives up to its high expectations and i am very happy to hear new music from Oliver after all this time.This is a high production quality album that worths every penny of it with two massive hits in it Breaking News and Nightvision plus some really good tracks like Agent 508,Gone For Good,7 Minutes and the great remix by Emok on Meltdown.An essential realease for all scandinavian music lovers out there and not only.Thumbs up and looking forward to future releases both by Oliver and Iboga.


My favorites are 1(!!!),3(!),4,5(!),6,9(!!!)


Overall Rating 8.5/10


P.S Although the quality of the digipack is very high the artwork is at least bad in my humble opinion,i expected something much better for such a good album.

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very curious about this one

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very curious about this one


As was I... and I was VERY impressed. Phat, funky, melodic, lush choons. I'm not a huge R.D. fan but this album hasn't yet and isn't leaving the CD player for some time. Track 3 is just lushness to the max. Love it

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I find this album quite chummy and I like it. It may not be very flashy and many of the tracks may lack energy for some people, but in its genre this CD is quite enjoyable. This is easily my favourite of the RD releases.


On the down side, I already had one of the better tracks (no. 3), which was previously released on Iboga's Set 5 compilation (which also gets a thumbs up from me).







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Surely the best prog album this year this far !!elevenmilliononehundredandelventhousandonehundredandeleven :D



Check these albums:

Sonic Cube - Filter

Vibrasphere - Archipelago

FOG - Lust

Greed - Greeds Temptation

Much better than Reffer Decre's Album!


Well about this album...what can i say? This album disapoind me very much! much better the older releases!

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At 1st i was abit put out by this album,

i think probably because of the sound and production -

it's not that its BAD or so,it just sound like the old reefer decree and oryx albums,which were released quite a long time ago.


But its also a good thing i guess,because its theyre(or just "his" now) own special sound.I can't fit this sound in my Dj sets,but its very nice on the ear for home or car listening,which gives it a greater lastability value than most dancefloor albums.


Overall i dont think this album dissapoints - and it even has some great moments (fav track - The final decree),and i really dont see how fans of reefer or oryx can be dissapointed from this.


if u liked it make sure to check the OLIVER JONES album ... :rolleyes:

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