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  1. Boring....another album which lacks creativity. Doesn't offer any interesting melodies or new sounds. Just your standard chill album.
  2. I agree with digitoxin, the melodies just come and go...there is no build up, lack of transition and no 'story' so to speak. Too simplistic in my opinion. I would go back and listen to Infinity Project, Prana, Man with no name, cosmosis, astral projection....much better than this shit.
  3. Boring, dull, run of the mill psy ambient album. Lacking originality. First album was way better.
  4. its a rubbish album. Melbaphonics was so much better. This is weak ass music again. Avoid!
  5. Why does every review on this site get such high ratings??? This is a ridiculously poor album. I can't believe how weak psy music has become towards the end of this decade. Avoid this album at all costs.
  6. Poor, poor, poor sequel to the amazing FLOCK OF BLEEPS! I was so looking forward to this and I am greatly disappointed with this mediocre album. This album lacks all the originality, creativity and imagination of the first and what you have is just bland music that offers nothing new to the genre. Only track that I liked was 'Ribbon on a Ranch'. Rating: 5/10
  7. Yes, at last! This is one of the better progressive album releases. Some very good tunes especially HERE COME THE TITANS which is a cut above the rest for me. Possibly the best progressive album of the year?
  8. Poor compilation....not up to the usual high standards from IBOGA. Dissapointing.
  9. Yet another boring, mediocre progressive compilation....not even the amazing Echotek could save this one! I recommend va_-_Indian_spirit_festival_mix_2007 if you want to hear a PROPER progressive psy compilation.
  10. The album is very poor....really tame tunes...nothing catchy. The only decent track is the first one. 3/10
  11. Top Progressive Albums: 1) Antix - Lull 2) Phony Orphants - Symphony 3) Vibrasphere - Archipelagos 4) Atmos - 2nd Brigade 5) Etnoscope - Drums from the dawn of time 6) Gaudium - Nordic Nature 7) Noma - Navigator 8) Paste - Blow Out 9) Tegma - Encoded/Decoded 10) SBK - Hertzattacke Majority of these albums are a couple of years old. The new stuff isn't as good as it used to be IMO.
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