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Whats the difference


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If only, even though I'm in the centre of a large city it seems difficult to find decent or ANY internet providers, I hate BT!!!, to make it worse Carphone Warehouse introduced free unlimited Broadbean just as I got contracted for a year, though I'm sure there some dodgy hidden cost aside from the line rental.

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By the way, how much does it affect your downloading, I mean Philosomatika streams at 160k, But thats not what its downloading at surely?


it is what its downloading at.



nice nick btw.

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it's 160 kilobit per second, which amounts to roughly 17-ish kilobyte per second, or a megabyte per minute. An hours worth of listening is 60 megs and it would take you just over 100 hours to max out your 6 gigabyte quota, if you only listen to philosomatika. That would break down to 3 hours 20 minutes of listening time per day.


But seeing as you post here, you clearly do other things with your precious gigabytes too =)

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Unfortunately I'm on a shitty 6GB download limit per month, I listen to Philosomatika constantly, Does streaming count as downloading, in other words have I fucked it!


"shitty 6GB download limit?????"


I have a friend who has 1 GB download limit. He's happy with it.


I have practically a flatrate. I pay half a fortune for it and it's decent.

However, the provider's terms of use say that you must obey the FAIR USE principle and that you MAY NOT DOWNLOAD EXCESSIVELY. They have inofficially limited the downloading to 8 or so GB I think. Rumors say it's even less.

You see, not even a flatrate saves you sometimes. I never had problems though.


With 6GB you can download/stream/whatever plenty of stuff.


I think I use 1,5 GB a month or so...

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if possible, I'd strongly encourage you to get a flat rate connection.


When i got my internetconnection i got a 5 GB limitation but i changed it to flatrate even in the second day because i ´didn´t want to think always about my lomitation when i was downloading something, after that i was and am downloading and streaming and browsing the net all the time, it´s perfect without limitation, and in most countries a flatrate don´t cost the world, it is pretty cheap in any country where i know the prices, even in Germany, everything gets more expensive but cellphone and internet are getting cheaper and cheaper.

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