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  1. It is really hard for me to write about this album because I know i will not be objective, and reviews here are serious. I started to write many times but never posted. I first listened to this album in 2001 and I was pretty euphoric about it. It touched me on a very personal level. I was going around talking people who have not heard this release that this is very special, some people have understood me,but most of psychedelic orientated people have not. I think that lack of psychedelic is easy to recognize here. But it was beautiful album for me. I cried with them so many times. When I first listened to this one I was in really important phase of my life. Overwhelmed with emotions. Everything what I have felt in real life then I discovered in this release. So strong emotions. So I listened -Waves of sound- over and over again searching for that felling again. This is the reason why this is one of the cd's I have listened about thousand times. Maybe more. And now in 2007 I think this is great release. On of the essential emotional non-psychedelic albums.Since I am not psychedelic person that much it suits my taste with no mistake. Going up opens the album in a little prophetic fashion telling what this album is going to sound. Really great track and for me best on the album. Waves of Sound ,The Only Way and Sun Scream are one chapter and are dreamy and hypnotic. Deep Feelings,DNA,Strange Emotion and Last Man in the Universe are more tracks with stories and I consider hem as 2nd chapter of this album. Here melodies are in perfect places to make me feel like some is telling me very emotional full-of-wisdom stories. Intelligent life is happy track, maybe little childish sound here but is still ok. For the People For The End is somethong like an echo from the first album like in the movie director shows important actor from another film only for a afew moments I give this one subjective 10/10. Thank you for reading all of this. "Now, try to understand this: We aren't always meant to understand why things happen the way they do, Sometimes we just have to accept it as God's will."
  2. Well how the things are developing somewhere around 2016 we will be looking behind to this one as one one of the best albums released in 2006. Like this Message has some special power to grow on people,very slowly but persistently.Life is really a strange journey
  3. Listened to this one many times now and I consider this album one of the greatest works in melody areas you can find around. All tracks are beautiful, I recommend listening to this release from first to last track, because it is the best way to recognize its value. This release is full of complex melodies that we don't have opportunity to hear so often nowadays, these melodies are not psychedelic but are very emotional and introspecting. Same sounds are used throughout the whole album but never creating boring or monotone effect, only contributing to the feeling of unity all songs create. For sure one of my all-time favourites, one of the albums I was into at my deepest level. Of course I have to thank seraph who played me this tracks before i even heard any(and for burning me a copy), so I am doing it now.
  4. After enjoying listening their first album, I have spent many hours listening "Reincarnation.." in my cd-walkman last summer during long walks in Montenegro. It gave me really strong happy, natural, danceable moments. I feel it is especially good for listening in moments when day and night are changing. Whole album has really positive note. Song architexture many people will find "simple" but it works very well for this kind of releases. People who like more dark, intelligent, complicated style of trance, and also have affiliations of speaking public what is good or bad, should skip listening to this one. In my opinion Tim and Tom delivered little part of themselves. Thank you
  5. In this album it is all about the expectations...as it is is in every other things in life. Some EXPECT sequel to their earlier work, some EXPECT this one not to be full on, others EXPECT unexpectable... Indeed these guys changed from '95-'96 period. It is natural. They cannot produce same tunes from their first period (before Aharon left). That is natural too. But they are still here. Their marks are still all around this tracks. I listened to this without any expectations and I really like this album. I like Life is a strange journey the most, Positive energy not so much but it doesn't matter. I agree that this one is very versatile, but it realized that it all have sense somewhere. To conclude.... the best way to hear this one is not to know that this is MFG (regarding high standards). It really gave me some contemplation.
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