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Etnica - Tribute / Astral Way

Guest Gustav

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V/A - Tribute / Astral Way


Artist: Various

Title: Tribute / Astral Way

Label: Blue Room

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. Tribute

02. Astral Way




Tribute is one of the best etnica tracks for sure, although it's really old.

Those etnica-typical basses builds a great beat and the melodies are really

really awesome!

If you haven't got this track yet, which you should as it appears on many

compilations, get it right away.

Astral way is very different from the first track; harder, darker, less

melodic, but oh so good.

Exactly when is this release really from? On the cover it says 1995, but on the

blue room website it says april 1996.

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Guest a1adam[at]yahoo[dot]com

Yes, "Tribute" remains, five years down the line, a unique slab of circular,

spirally trance somehow protected from the passsage of time. The ideas in this

piece of music have not really been ripped off by lesser mortals, making it

still sounding fresh and different.

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This is Goa at its absolute best, it is hard to imagine a better ep. Both

tracks are notable for having a very subtle rhythm section that maintains a

regular beat, but somehow shifts subtly so that the beat does not become

boring or predictable. This is especially the case with "Tribute" during which

the beat is often implicit, and then brings the roof down when it kicks in.

The bass line in this track is particularly hypnotic and addictive because it

is quite subtle and difficult to get a grip on. Fantastic stuff, rates with

"Triptonite" as amongst the best early tracks of the scene. Unfortunately, I

don't think that Etnica have managed to maintain this level of inspiration

(which is not to say that I think they should be making exactly the same kind

of music). 10/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

Astral Way is fucking intense. that song is addictive. everything you'd want

from an etnica track. 10/10 for that one. tribute, on the other hand, is still

good but not as good as most of the etnica stuff, i think. not enough

variation for me. it gets 8/10.

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