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Digital Sun - Re-Collection

Guest Zeus Class

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Guest DJ Jaimz

A bit of background on this CD. This is produced by Victor Harder, Linus Wessel

and Seb Kruger, the last two who would later go on to release as Tarsis.

These tracks were all produced around 96/97, but Polytox, who Digital Sun were

signed to, didn't want to release them so they had to wait until their

contract with Polytox expired before they could release this album. So those

who liked the earlier Digital Sun stuff on Polytox [into The Sun 12", The

Spiral of Power CD], should like this. Goa trance, by any other name, still

sounds as sweet.

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Guest Zeus Class

Digital Sun - Re-Collection


Artist: Digital Sun

Title: Re-Collection

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 10'17" Strange Things

02. 07'40" Give Piece A Chance

03. 09'50" Into the Sun

04. 09'05" Space Flipper

05. 09'16" Morning Glory

06. 07'41" The Attack

07. 08'13" Triptosaurus

08. 10'39" Digidub




I suppose it's a re-release of the previous album... I for one am glad

they did it, couldn't find the other... This CD is indeed good. "Strange

things" (~140bpm) is very beautiful melodic tribal goa especailly toward the

end... oh man at the end is soooooooo nice 9.5/10! ... "Give 'piece' a

chance" (~140bpm) is also a nice uplifting melodic track, thick with layers.

:) 7.5/10 ... "Into the Sun" (~140bpm) just another good melodic track,

refreshing and pretty. Really take you for an adventure in your

imagination... love this CD... 7.5/10 "Space flipper" (~141bpm) old school

goa here :) 7/10 "Morning Glory" (~140) great ocillating buzzing synths,

simply an adventure... 8/10 never heard a track quite like it. "The Attack"

(~143bpm) (which is incorrectly labeled track 5 on my copy...) Super nice

track! Beautiful layerd goa melodies... takes you on a star trek 9/10

"Triptosaurus" (~138)nice syth workk again... don't really dig the rhythm

too much though...or the squeeling pigs... 6/10 "Digidub" just a slower goa

style track with typical reggae downtempo influences, pretty boring... 4/10

Other than the last 2 tracks...all is quite nice. Has a few special

moments... good CD...glad i have it

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Guest Defbydelta...

I dont like one singel track on this on!

mayby track 1 and 3 but its not so good that i recomend people to buy it,, BUT

everybody DonT have the same tast... so listen before u do somthing, its a

little bit old thogh so its easy to get on mp3 so i think almost every body

have come in contakt with this cd ones or twise...

it got 4/10 from me for sure::.::

sSOo long Space AmigozzzzzzzzzzZ and natti natti

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Very good album...Ols skool Goa at its best...All songs fit well to each other

and it has general concept...Best on album are : STRANGE DAYS, GIVE PEACE A


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Guest sigma[at]goatrance[dot]com

Well, first time I listned Digital Sun was this album.

And I realy love it, a very good goa sound =)

Favorite tracks: hummm all =)




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Guest eLvIS_is_DreaD

Wel this album is very good! very nice Goatrance! i love every track! get this

one! i recomend it! =) PLUR -- 8.8/10

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Good vibes yes, unfortunately today it sounds too old and conventional for me. It has its moments though, but nothing to be too crazy about. Good album if you are new into goa trance ("Give piece a chance" is sweet), otherwise not really an essential. 6/10.

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