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Miranda - Phenomena


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Track listing:


01. 11'03" Step To The Stars

02. 07'56" Subtropical Forest

03. 10'53" Andalgalornis

04. 08'37" Labyrinth

05. 08'24" Green Man

06. 08'52" Phenomena

07. 07'23" Weightless

08. 09'39" Concorde



This groundbreaking album is Miranda's debut. Originally released in 1996 I have read, Phenomena is a nostalgic centerpiece in Goatrance by an innovative spiritualist, and it's well ahead of its time. This is also coming from someone's perspective who heard this album for the first time in 2004, after all of the others. Naturally some tracks sound better than others. Or some are dryer, less juicy and gripping than others. But the style not only broke ground but remains to this day one of the best lights to ever shine in GOA. No song is less than solid here. The general one is great, excellent. Several are superb. And all of these titles melt away and mean nothing in the spirit realm.



01. Step To The Stars is only surpassed by the super sequel Second Step To The Stars on 1997's Real Rush album. This is a beautiful, uplifting, delightful, energy rocket, and a groundbreaking debut. Miranda has psychedelic effects that really enhance her beautiful rhythms and melodies. They flow with he music as if born like little graceful babies by the music itself. A


02. Subtropical Forest is an interesting, complicated and dynamic number filled with an ever evolving path, development, and continuous sound discoveries. The returning, layered force of music in the final third is excellent. The previous track may have been a bit more infectious but that's a subjective statement. This takes a severely unexpected and fresh and catchy sound/melody direction. There'sa blinking melody that is excellent and the final third is outstanding. A-


03. Andalgalornis is a strong, thick and melody braiding Goa number. It follows a set path, one that is constantly filled with power packages. In other words, this track is like a strong vehicle heading down an unknown road filled with unique upgrades along the way, complimentary sounds in developing its structure. Miranda continuously builds soundscapes with exception to a collective interlude in the middle. The high pitched, altered and sustained flying saucer sound is very effective, though repeats just a bit more than seems necessary. The sound is altered in numerous ways. It reminscent of a wonderful sound used in Hallucinogen's classic song L.S.D. This is an excellent and spacey Goa/dance track. A-


04. Labyrinth is a darkly lit gem, and my favorite track since Step To The Stars. It's combination of sounds both in and around the compelling melody leads are phenomenal. It's loaded with energy and passion, carefully constructed soundscapes, build ups, and evolved sound releases like intellectual climaxes. I've noticed that the song has smaller build ups as it reaches its finale in the final third. The little insect echoes and alterations compliment, and the ambient notes are wonderful. A-


05. Green Man is the first song I've ever heard by this artist. It was actually in 1998 on The Future Sound of America Goatrance compilation by Distance (Records?). That was also the first Goa album I had ever heard, and the gateway to Psytrance for me. This track is very driving and trippy with a melody lead snaking through the intangible debree in its hallucinogenic path. It also appears to be constantly changing, growing, and evolving as the overall sound structure attempts to shed its skin. This is because a main, catchy sound is often in the background like a hook regardless of the changes and additional sounds this song goes through and attains. This is one of Miranda's most unpredictable and imaginative Goa numbers. It's a continuously traveling, intellectual piece, as opposed to one building towards a climax or a predictable outcome or resolution. The song becomes even more gripping as it progresses. A-


06. Phenomena is close to if not phenomenal. This is one of the more heavy, psychedelic Goa tracks on the album. There is a super, though carefully composed, not psychedelic melody lead that begins around 1:49 and it's all uphill from there. In other words, this is basically a song composed of infectious melody leads. Miranda builds an infectious sandwich in a moving atmosphere before releasing the adopted, delectable to regroup consciousness. At this point in the middle is an interlude, what sounds like a tornado in the wind, revealing itself as peaceful and alone. Soon after, around 6:16 the beat returns and life begins again. Miranda has composed a super track here, one that is intelligent and intuitive, just as the life that the voice sample speaks of, the life beyond our planet. A-


07. Weightless is a unique departure from previous tracks. Here is the first downtempo and/or Goa Ambient song on the album and possibly ever released by Miranda. It's very spacey, floating, and somewhat explorative. The song becomes more gripping as it continues and may appeal to many of those who later caught on to Solar Fields and Asura relative to their Ambient Trance relative to its ambient and trance influences. I've always felt this was an interesting song, though it's my least favorite on the album. Miranda would later improve her downtempo sound into something more infectious as she showed us in the closing track on Asynja. For 1996, its nice to see Miranda took risks with positive results as she did here. This also cleanses the ear buds for the final number. B


08. Concorde is superb. Miranda was tactiful to place this song here after a less energetic number. It's mroe appreciated. As people would later realize with this artist's main albums: Real Rush, Northern Lights, and Asynja, Miranda is known for ending her albums with a bang. Whether fast or slow, this is a faster, uptempo number with the most gripping melody and sound designs since Labyrinth and/or Green Man. But she really topped herself here. It's an extremely well done and infectious number with some of the best melody combinations I have ever heard. Flawless in flow; it's gorgeous, delectable, and captivating. A



In conclusion, Phenomena is one of the best Goa albums ever made. Miranda invested her soul into this album. I feel like she really undersood the essenceof Goa, a rare insight gained and feat at the time when one acknowledges the tiny list of Goa albums before 1996. Moreover, this artist understood how to connect with the ideas she attained to create an album loved by thousands of individual listeners throughout the world, her vision at the time. Phenomena oozes with passion and creativity, raw emotional sounds and psychedelic soundscapes. Many Goa listeners including myself consider this Miranda's best album of her career in Goa/Psytrance. I don't know what she produces now days. She also brought her Goa sound back the best, at times in 1999's Northern Lights, but more critically praised in 2001's refreshing Asynja, after the first three tracks. Is Miranda aware that people both listen to and love her music today throughout the world? Miranda began and currently ended her career in Goa/Psy with a bang. Every once in a while someone like myself writes a review on psynews.org for instance, but her ripple effect goes beyond; it travels through the universe as an what we perceive to be energy that cannot be destroyed. This album is phenomenal, and a timeless classic.



Favorite Tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8




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Good review Jon, and I agree with you: this masterpiece is a timeless classic.


Favorites are 3(!),4,5,6(!),8(!), but there are not bad tracks in this release.


It has the goa flavor all over it, yummie!




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And by the way, shouldn't this release be under 1996 forum instead of 1997? I mean, it says "Koyote Records 1997", which actually was released by the label on November 1996. Or perhaps I trust too much in discogs.com? ha!


I mean, since it's a masterpiece. Perhaps someone could confirm the info.



For the love of GOA! :)



PS: Substance Records also released this one on '97.

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Concorde! What a track. One of the strongest downtempo goa tracks I've ever heard. Perfect pace, perfect atmosphere, perfect sounds. Also rest of the album does not disappoint. This is an epic goa album hands down. Oh god how I wish someone would reprint these classics.


And yes this belongs in 1996.

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I’m not sure it means anything. But for what it’s worth, if one searched for this album name plus spotify on google a couple of weeks ago. A placeholder came up on spotify, which had Distance as the copyrights holder. Now when doing the same search I find no placeholder at all on spotify.

I really hope this album and her other ones become widely available someday. :) Atleast they are on youtube these days.

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