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Evolution - Oscillating Phenomena


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Evolution - Oscillating Phenomena


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Artist: Evolution

Title: Oscillating Phenomena

Label: High Society

Date: 1996


Track listing:


01. 09'32" Riding High (Bullet 350 Mix)

02. 07'47" Fifth-Dimensional Craft

03. 07'53" Flower Of Life

04. 09'59" Water Spirit

05. 08'07" Genetic Engeneering

06. 06'38" Alien Phenomenon

07. 09'06" Warriors Of Light

08. 14'45" Akhunathon




Here's some old-school Goa/Acid Trance. Repetative bass and sounds, very much

acid sounds and lots of melody. Already from the start you realize what kind

of music this is because the tracks are pretty much the same. Except for the

last track, which is downtempo and also very long. However this is a 6 year

old CD, so you cant compare it with today's music. The sounds are pretty

simple, and some of the tracks are not so well constructed. The BPM could be

faster too. On the other hand, there are nicey-nice melodies and acid sounds

are never wrong. Rating: 5/10 (counted with that it's from 1996). For

old-school lovers only.

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"Warriors of Light" has some of the coolest sounds ever :-) Also, the tracklist

is different from the vinyl release, which is what I have. It has 6 tracks,

one being a remix of Lucky People Centers "To The Space". I'd like to say that

the BPM is just in the proper range here, faster would make it cornier than it

already is. I agree that it's mainly for lovers of more oldschool psy-trance,

and I'll admit I rarely play it myself, but this is still sort of a favourite

of mine. Give it a listen if you get the chance.

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Dont care for what the newcomer goblim says. This one is a classic album. From

the time when the bpm of the music was the less important factor to make a

quality tune.


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